Creative Cycles are a Window to the True You

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The waxing and waning of our creative cycles is a very powerful personal transformation tool that offers a window into the true self.   Our inner creative force is tuned into what’s needed and what’s not being nourished. It illustrates what we are drawn to create, build or recharge within our own heart to feel whole and happy. This same creative energy flow is also tied to the cosmos, and guides us to express ourselves as an extension of the divine in countless ways.   The u … [Read more...]

Listen to your Creative Calling, Even if it Feels Like you are Standing Alone

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  The brave choice to follow your unique creative calling and step into your true self doesn’t always feel natural. It can seem like you are standing at the edge of a cliff, waiting to see if you can spot someone, anyone, who can possibly relate to where you’ve been and where you want to go.   At the same time, each person grows in nonlinear ways, taking leaps backward, forwards and sideways to follow a path that speaks to their truths, wounds to heal and lessons. As a sin … [Read more...]

Creative Zen: Releasing Attachment to How your Creativity Pays Off

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  Creative zen can encompass many things. A sense of peace and calm as you create from the heart. Blending the powers of body and mind in the present moment to create with your whole sense of self. Tuning in and staying aware of your own thoughts to really “be” in the flow. All of these things (and so many more) enable you to tap into the essence of what you feel drawn to create and the ways you want to express yourself.   Yet, this maybe a bit trickier to manage when making a … [Read more...]

Listening to Creative Whispers is Playful Edge-Stretching

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  The little creative whispers you hear in the back of your mind or feel in your heart are a powerful siren song, calling you to stretch into new experiences. These playful invitations are like breadcrumbs that show you more is possible, and also help bring a budding or hidden desire to the surface for playful exploration.   At first there may not be any clear reason for what you are hearing or feeling. Over time, you sense similar hits and messages that begin to point your … [Read more...]

Searching for the Ultimate Creative Key

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  Is there an ultimate creative key? Can you find the one hack, inspiration or epiphany that changes everything? It depends on how you are looking.   In a world that promises a fix for everything, it’s tempting to search for a bright and shiny creative key to unlock your potential in one ultimate reveal, just like on reality television.   While this formula satiates your craving to know the outcome within an hour or a season, real life isn’t like that at all … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: 5 Ways to be in the Flow During a Creative Transition

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  A creative transition can feel really tricky to navigate. You are straddling two worlds that don’t feel solid or clear and looking for ways to expand the core of who you are without totally losing yourself - all at the same time. The instruction manual is being written as you walk through the experience, and takes a lot of faith in yourself to keep moving forward through the foggy bits.   The ease of a creative transition does not reflect whether or not it's worth pursuing, b … [Read more...]

Get Wise to Creative Mood Killers

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  Creative mood killers are a real thing. Just like in the movies when you watch the lovable dork seemingly ruin a chance with the girl of his dreams, creative mood killers descend on and trample the vibe and confidence you have in your capabilities. This sly little minx sneaks up and wiggles into your thoughts, kicking off bouts of doubt by whispering about the future, worst case scenarios and failure.   Mood killers also throw you off balance, leaving you like a turtle t … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Turn the Tables on Creative Indecision

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  When you are in a state of creative indecision it can feel like you are being held hostage by yourself. Wiggle too much and the ties get tighter, think too much and the mind gets muddled, feel too much and you are drowned by emotions instead of moving through them.   Breaking free from a state of creative indecision can be simple or complicated, but you aren’t as powerless as you may feel about your “stuckness”. Trying to control how it evolves or effects you is what makes it … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: 3 Tips to Stay Connected to your Creative Purpose

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  Changing your mind is something you have the power to do at any moment, but what about changing your creative purpose? Do you feel you were born to accomplish or create something specific that hasn’t come to pass? Are you trailing after a creative purpose that doesn’t spark your heart or interest anymore? Or is your inner voice leading you to create something completely different that will turn your life upside down?   It can be all of these reasons and a thousand more. The m … [Read more...]

Power of the Space Between Creative Bursts

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Your unique creative flow is a mix of creative bursts and internal reflection, a balance between what is in form right now and what is yet to come into being. Each is an important part of the creative self-discovery process, intertwining, diverging and reconnecting so you can move forward to create in a new way that evolves as you do.   Despite understanding cycles are a natural part of all aspects of life (especially nature) people are still often drawn to fight their own creative … [Read more...]