Awakening To Our Inner Creative Force and Natural Pace

  There is something so beautiful about connecting with our true inner creative force and allowing it to speak through us.   When we get the kiss of inspiration it’s a feeling like no other, and it’s touch is an opportunity for us to bring an idea or spark into reality.   Yet, it’s so easy to lose touch with inspiration energy as the mind jumps to obstacles, deadlines, comparisons, shoulds, expectations and “rules”. This is why inspiration can quickly die on the vine … [Read more...]

Do You Judge Yourself For Needing Help?

  Do you judge yourself for needing help? From time to time we all need help. On a mental level it seems simple enough to ask for it. But what happens when the realization that we need help triggers deep emotions within us we don’t understand?   Of course it’s natural to want to avoid pain or emotional upset, but the bigger challenge in avoiding “feeling bad” is that we don’t ask for help at all. Why? Because we are afraid to be vulnerable and may be confused about the kind of … [Read more...]

Are you a Creative Dabbler? Why it’s Not a Dirty Word

  The term creative dabbler sounds a bit slippery. Almost like an anti-definition or non-committal “yes” hanging out in the ether as a potential rather than an action.   The idea of being defined as a creative dabbler can also elicit strong emotional reactions within people who see it as a put down or reminder that certain talents are still only living possibilities.   In the most general sense, a dabbler is someone who tries lots of things. Sometimes interests and a … [Read more...]

Dancing With the Dynamic of Being Practical and Staying Open-Hearted

  When you really boil it down, it's easy to think of life as a dance between being practical and staying open-hearted.   You can twist yourself up in knots trying to find out the “right”, “best” or approved” way of doing something. Maybe even strategize ways to avoid pain, people or situations using a practical state-of-mind.   Yet, people are inherently heart-centric - even though they don’t always admit it. The state of your heart influences decisions, connections … [Read more...]

Creative Inspiration is Sparked by your Attitude

  Creative inspiration, or lack there of, has everything to do with your attitude in the moment.   When you remain open minded and keep reaching toward what aligns with your inner guidance, you create space to be surprised and heart-inspired.  Any nuance can be the spark that gets you into a playful state of mind. The more you play, the more you notice a playful thread in everything around you and find cool ways to connect the dots into something tangible.   If you a … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: 3 Tips to Stay Connected to your Creative Purpose

  Changing your mind is something you have the power to do at any moment, but what about changing your creative purpose? Do you feel you were born to accomplish or create something specific that hasn’t come to pass? Are you trailing after a creative purpose that doesn’t spark your heart or interest anymore? Or is your inner voice leading you to create something completely different that will turn your life upside down?   It can be all of these reasons and a thousand more. The m … [Read more...]

Share an Insight from your Creative Path to Inspire Someone Else

  The creative path you walk is part of your unique, natural self-expression and a very powerful ally in the self-discovery process. To create is to grow as a person, and to grow as a person you need to be willing to really explore if what you create feels natural and true. This is how your creativity and inner self continue to evolve, hand-in-hand through self discovery.   As you move along in life, dancing the line between deeper creative expression and self-discovery, there … [Read more...]