Creative Risk Taking and How it Relates to Self-Esteem

Putting your work out into the world is a creative risk, plain and simple. You are taking something you’ve envisioned, orchestrating all the resources to bend, shape and craft it into something tangible, then bringing it into being.   There are times when this process is gracefully simple, and times when it’s not. You may have people who support you at every turn, or no one but yourself to motivate you each day. Maybe the idea of trying frightens you silly.   Despite all the … [Read more...]

Power of the Space Between Creative Bursts

Your unique creative flow is a mix of creative bursts and internal reflection, a balance between what is in form right now and what is yet to come into being. Each is an important part of the creative self-discovery process, intertwining, diverging and reconnecting so you can move forward to create in a new way that evolves as you do.   Despite understanding cycles are a natural part of all aspects of life (especially nature) people are still often drawn to fight their own creative … [Read more...]