Listen to your Creative Calling, Even if it Feels Like you are Standing Alone

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The brave choice to follow your unique creative calling and step into your true self doesn’t always feel natural. It can seem like you are standing at the edge of a cliff, waiting to see if you can spot someone, anyone, who can possibly relate to where you’ve been and where you want to go.


At the same time, each person grows in nonlinear ways, taking leaps backward, forwards and sideways to follow a path that speaks to their truths, wounds to heal and lessons. As a singular, personal creative calling that’s unique to you, there are simply going to be times when no one gets “it” or you, and you need to dig in deep and find the courage to stand on the edge alone.


You can feel torn and between to worlds; the known path where you can still easily relate to others, but it feels to small or limiting for you, and a new, unworn, path of uncertainty that takes a brave soul and a strong heart to travel.


Be Patient with the Fluidity of your Creative Identity


creative, creativity, creative idenity


The creative calling you hear is just for you, so it’s not always possible to find camaraderie and understanding from others. It’s essential that you sit with what’s bubbling up so you can tune in and be with your creative muse without being influenced by others opinions, needs or desires. You are in the process of finding new creative ground and feeling into those ideas and sensations for yourself, therefore, you cannot possibly expect others to match the fluidity of your creative identity as it shifts in all directions.


While it can feel lonely, trust that you are on the right track. A creative call is for you and you alone, UNTIL you are in a grounded space to anchor in your ideas.


Just because you choose to stand alone right now, does not mean you will always be alone. When you stand in your power, and shine your creative light, it draws others of like mind and heart your way in right timing.


The challenge often becomes how to stay brave and grounded in something that hasn’t yet taken form and believe in it for yourself, in order to answer your own creative calling. People may not be ready to hear your perspective or understand what you are aiming for as the language and expression around what you are building is still forming, and that’s OK.


What’s most important is that you continue to have faith in yourself and listen to all clues, big and small, leading you to fulfill the creative calling that initially sparked your heart. Then, little by little, the pieces that show up haphazardly, as they often do, begin to form a path that’s undeniably clearer, bit by bit.


To track where your mind and heart or jumping, it always helps to keep a journal or create artwork around what you are discovering and feeling.


Embrace the Discomfort of the Dark


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If you are standing in the dark right now with the magic of creation calling you to dig deep, listen. When you truly give yourself over to what you feel and hear, and stay grounded as best you can, the creative call will light your way. Soon, you will draw others to stand at your side who resonate and can reciprocate your light.


No matter where you are along the path to greet your creative calling, remember to be thankful for those who’ve made an impact on your life. The people who challenged you also changed you by helping you take a stand or try a new way. Those who supported you, even in the smallest of ways, have shown love and compassion, even if it’s not in the exact way you thought you needed it. And, of course, honor your own spirit. Thank yourself for being brave to do what so few people do, which is truly listen to themselves and the potential of what they can create in the world.


Give yourself freedom in your mind, heart and soul by acknowledging these past gifts. Then, have the courage to stand alone in your creative calling as you commit to what you’ve started.


Remember, you won’t always be alone. However, you do need to embrace your creative calling to connect with new people who can offer mutual respect and admiration that mirrors the power of your creative light moving forward.


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Photo credit: Mark Chadwick – fluid color,  Jarle Refsnes dark path