What Motivates your Creative Voice? 5 Ways to Find Out

  Our creative voice is a lively blend of beliefs, fears, experiences, creative tension and the choices we make along the way - all rolled into one. This mixture of chaos and beauty helps us dig in to find our truth and ways to share it.   In the middle of all these moving parts, it can be hard to pinpoint your true creative motivation. Motivation is a feeling that inspires a heart-felt or idealistic way to take action, as much as it’s sparked by the need to change or expand p … [Read more...]

Listen to your Creative Calling, Even if it Feels Like you are Standing Alone

  The brave choice to follow your unique creative calling and step into your true self doesn’t always feel natural. It can seem like you are standing at the edge of a cliff, waiting to see if you can spot someone, anyone, who can possibly relate to where you’ve been and where you want to go.   At the same time, each person grows in nonlinear ways, taking leaps backward, forwards and sideways to follow a path that speaks to their truths, wounds to heal and lessons. As a sin … [Read more...]

Do you Have a Creative Fear or, a Fear of Being Challenged?

  Creative fear can keep you from owning or freely sharing your talents, but what if the truth was about something else entirely? What if you are really afraid of leaving your comfort zone and all the “mess” that might entail?   It’s easy to tell yourself that you suffer from a lack of creative talent when it doesn’t fit easily fit into the life you’ve built, or when it might take work to develop your raw skills. You can also always find an excuse for why you aren’t creative en … [Read more...]