Listening to Creative Whispers is Playful Edge-Stretching

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The little creative whispers you hear in the back of your mind or feel in your heart are a powerful siren song, calling you to stretch into new experiences. These playful invitations are like breadcrumbs that show you more is possible, and also help bring a budding or hidden desire to the surface for playful exploration.


At first there may not be any clear reason for what you are hearing or feeling. Over time, you sense similar hits and messages that begin to point your compass in a new direction that seems exciting, but also a little scary because you don’t see a “real way” to bring a vision to life.


If this is happening to you, then everything is perfect. In fact, I think this edge is a good place to be all the time. 


Creative whispers provide the chance to play with ideas and feelings before they materialize. Click To Tweet


On the “playground” you can experiment, daydream and see big options without focusing on limitations. It’s a story board in progress, waiting for your next cue.


When you close down your “inner hearing” or distract yourself by being busy, you essentially let go of playing and discount your creative whispers as nonsense. You can’t see the patterns drawing you towards something new because you completely miss the coincidences and gifts in timing, or choose to see a lost opportunity as a negative rather than an invitation to a new path altogether.


The mind can also be “creative” with how it focuses on limitations, frustrations and reasons why something is too hard to try, so call on play as an antidote. Imagination is free of charge. Use it to refocus your energy internally and reconnect with your sense of joy. Strengthening this path will enable you to hear and notice creative whispers with more clarity and grow to trust what you hear more fully.


Are there creative whispers you’ve been hearing for a while but have yet to act on? It could be as small as joining a new gym or as big as changing careers. Share your story in the comments!


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