Creative Zen: Releasing Attachment to How your Creativity Pays Off

  Creative zen can encompass many things. A sense of peace and calm as you create from the heart. Blending the powers of body and mind in the present moment to create with your whole sense of self. Tuning in and staying aware of your own thoughts to really “be” in the flow. All of these things (and so many more) enable you to tap into the essence of what you feel drawn to create and the ways you want to express yourself.   Yet, this maybe a bit trickier to manage when making a … [Read more...]

Are you Too Attached to a Specific Creative Picture?

The way you see your creative self is guided, in part, by a combination of past experiences and future expectations. You know what works and what doesn’t, what was painful and what was best left as an “experiment”. This view influences your perspective on all sorts of things, including the specifications you use to rate creative projects, client interactions or new ideas as potential successes or failures. This approach is perfectly understandable -- until you go back to the first sentence of … [Read more...]

Are Expectations Killing Your Dreams?

Dreams are everywhere, in successful and failed companies, in happy marriages or crumbling ones, in thriving careers and celebrity rehab. Once upon a time each dream was fresh, bright and had so much promise; little specks of hope, creativity and great ideas all rolled into one. Then expectations begin to creep in, those small, seemingly harmless little seeds including: when, who, where, why and how -- just like the game of Clue. As they show up you find yourself weighing the expectations … [Read more...]