Creative Cycles are a Window to the True You

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The waxing and waning of our creative cycles is a very powerful personal transformation tool that offers a window into the true self.


Our inner creative force is tuned into what’s needed and what’s not being nourished. It illustrates what we are drawn to create, build or recharge within our own heart to feel whole and happy. This same creative energy flow is also tied to the cosmos, and guides us to express ourselves as an extension of the divine in countless ways.


The ups and downs of our creative cycles offer so much insight into the things we can’t see directly, or may not want to acknowledge, about our true self. Yet, each cycle offers the chance for us to peel back the curtain just a little more, to see that while there may be fear, doubt and other oogie boogies, there’s some amazing creative magic hiding out there, too.


Working with Creative Cycle Signs and Triggers


creative cycles, creativity, transformation, true you


We all experience a creative waxing and waning cycle, regardless of natural talents, career path or level of success. When we tune into this natural process and do some inner listening, we begin to notice that what we are experiencing is the perfect mirror, revealing exactly what we need right now if we are willing to give it ourselves.


Each creative cycle and pattern is as unique as the person it’s influencing, but there are few common signs and triggers that can help put a personal experience into context:


  • Hitting up against frustration and inner borders is a good thing – it means we want more for ourselves and to get more out of what we are doing with our lives. Nothing is wrong, we are just being asked to dig deeper into the cause to find relief and release.
  • Feeling a lack of excitement or engagement shows us a cycle may be coming to an end. Don’t be afraid, just be open to letting things go mentally, physically and spiritually to make space for the new.
  • A sense of loss or grief is natural, as the creative cycle reinforces what is true and can stay, and what still needs to be built to move forward.
  • The “new” isn’t always up and running before the old falls away. This is called the “void”, also known as the essence of creative opportunity. It’s natural to feel a bit aimless here, so just keep doing grounding exercises, anchor yourself in the present in a physical way, and listen to your inner creative flow.
  • Expressing gratitude for the information we are feeling and sensing allows us to see what we are experiencing as an opportunity to explore something different, rather than as friction that drains our creative spirit. Find a way to see the gift in what’s happening and how it supports overall well-being.


Seeing is Believing, and Transforms into Honoring 


creative, creativity, intuition, transformation


When we can see our own creative cycles clearly, we are able to wipe away self-doubt and judgement because we know ourselves and can fully honor the cycle we are in, right now. As we explore ourselves through the act of creativity, we can get to the core of what makes our heart sing. We also continue to evolve and express ourselves, and experiment and transform based on what we learn through creative ups and downs.


The earth is following her own natural path and moving into a spring/fall cycle in the coming week. Her transition is triggering one within us too, as we are being guided to wrap things up, or to be OK with any void that exists as the next creative seed takes shape. Be willing to connect with something in a deeper way, make a final sweep of the old, and be OK with the fact the new is yet to be planted or grow into something “real”.  It’s time to take note of where you are in your own creative flow, and honor what it can teach you.


The biggest gift of listening to our creative cycles is that we accept the invitation to slowly reveal more “inner magic” as we evolve, while returning to an ancient practice of honoring and trusting our inner knowing. Are you ready to step into the next phase of the true creative you? 


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