Creative Mastermind


Hosted by Creative Katrina 

Creativity Coach and Catalyst, Writer, Blogger, Content Strategist, and Podcast Producer


The Creative Mastermind is designed to support you in making the most of your creative strengths, help you move past blocks, and craft a business and/or a creative process that works for the life you want. An added benefit of this group is experiencing inspiration and joy through connection and collaboration with other creatives.


About the Creative Mastermind Group


As a fellow creative, I’m sure you have personal or work projects stuck in a certain stage of development, or creative skills you never play with because life gets in the way. It can also be hard to feel creative while sticking to a schedule, or to find time to enjoy the creative process just for fun to help you recharge from within.


To help you get inspired, clarify next steps, stay motivated and accountable, its beneficial to connect with other creatives and entrepreneurs going through the same thing.


I will offer an ongoing Creative Mastermind group at The Articulate in Old Town Fort Collins. Each week we will focus on a core topic to help you:


  • Get clear on what you want to create, why, and how to move forward
  • Identify obstacles and useful, practical solutions to improve focus and productivity
  • Receive and share tips, ideas, and resources, while building connections
  • Stay accountable to creative goals and projects, and receive productive feedback
  • Implement mindfulness/self-care changes for healthy lifestyle shifts


Who is the Creative Mastermind For?


Creatives, creative entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as, people working on personal creative projects.


The goal of the Creative Mastermind is to provide personalized insight and support to address your unique creative needs as a creative entrepreneur, offer gentle accountability, personal development suggestions, and spark inspired action for creative personal and work projects. We also discuss specific tools and solutions to help with business related challenges and workflow. 


Creative Mastermind Details


  • Group meets weekly for 1 hour to support each other as we move forward with projects and complete key milestones.


  • The Tuesday and Thursday groups each run for four weeks with the same members, then open up to new members for the next month’s session, if there’s room. 


  • Each meeting will include quick tips on things like productivity, practical tools, mindfulness, and ways to maintain the fire and momentum of the creative spark when doing all the “grunt work”.


  • Personalized homework is part of each session to help you work through or toward an important personal milestone.


  • Group size limited to 7 for in-person meetings to ensure everyone has time to share and ask questions.


  • Spots available for The Articulate members and non-members, with a special discount for members.


  • Meetings will be held at The Articulate in the conference room, and now, online. 


To accommodate diverse schedules, there are Creative Mastermind Sessions weekly in the morning and evening at The Articulate on:


  • Tuesdays, 9 a.m.
  • Thursdays, 5:30 p.m.


Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the event time to talk with other members, or to grab a coffee or snack. This way we can make the most of our hour together!


Location: The Articulate co-working and studio space for professional creatives and thought leaders in Old Town Fort Collins. 


***I’ve also added a new Creative Mastermind Online option for creative entrepreneurs on Wednesday mornings, 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. MST. More information and details below. 


Pricing, Payment and Enrollment for Class Options 


  • Enrollment in the Creative Mastermind is $40 a month for The Articulate Members.


  • For non-members, the cost is $60 per month.


  • For online Creative Mastermind members, cost is $60 per month. 


Enrollment for the 2018 MARCH Creative Mastermind meetings is now open! Enrollment takes place monthly in all groups, and new members can join if there’s room. 


  • Tuesday start date: March 6th
  • Thursday start date: March 8th 


Enrollment CLOSES on March 5th!!!


Please note that payment counts as enrollment. If you have any problems with online payment or have questions, please reach out to me through my contact form. 


If you are already a member of The Articulate, click here to sign up.  Please choose the first instance of the day you prefer, Tuesday or Thursday. It will take you to a payment gateway to purchase enrollment for the month on that day and time. 


If you are NOT a member of The Articulate, you can still join us. Meetings are open to the public, as long as there’s a spot left. Want to join? Click here to sign-upPlease choose the first instance of the day you prefer, Tuesday or Thursday, and it will take you the payment gateway. 


If you are not based in Fort Collins, but would like to join my NEW Creative Mastermind Online, I would love to have you! In 2018 I’m hosting a weekly online class on Wednesdays from 10 am – 11 am MST. Class size is available for 4 participants for deeper team work and guidance.  Click here to sign up. Please choose the first Wednesday offered that month, and it will take you to a gateway for payment and enrollment. 


More interested in 1-on-1 coaching? Check out my coaching packages, which includes special deals for The Articulate members. 


Testimonials from Creative Mastermind Attendees: 


“I can’t really think of a better way to gather a group of people at various stages of creative entrepreneurship and make sure they all get something out of it. Our class consisted of people who had been running their businesses for years, as well as people who hadn’t even started yet, and I truly think it was valuable for everyone. Katrina has a brilliant way of personalizing the class experience for each participant by assigning tasks and “homework” specific to what each individual needs in order to overcome business and creative obstacles – and I found it much easier to stick to my tasks with her and the other members of our group holding me accountable! The whole thing was fun, supportive and inspiring, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, at any stage of the entrepreneurial journey!”

Ali Owens, Copywriting & Editing Services


“It was great to be able to brainstorm solutions to challenges I was having, have a support system and also a certain level of accountability with the other members and it was rewarding to be able to help others with the same.”

Libbi Alcorn


“The Creative Mastermind group made me realize that as creatives we all face many of the same challenges. I walked away feeling inspired by others ideas and journeys and left motivated to follow my creative passion.”



About Katrina:


Katrina Pfannkuch is a creativity coach and catalyst, writer, blogger, content strategist, and podcast producer passionate about creativity, mindfulness, and personal transformation. As a professional writer for over 18 years, Katrina has created content, content strategies, and provided marketing and branding support for IBM, 3M, Allegro Coffee, and Kapost, as well as several businesses within Northern Colorado. She also offers creativity coaching and content consulting services for clients nationwide through her business, Creative Katrina, LLC. 


In addition to her creativity coaching, Katrina writes about creativity, personal development, and mindfulness on her blog, Creative Katrina, offering tips on how to stay inspired, productive, and mindful. Her podcast, Flirting With Enlightenment, shares tips and insights on how to tap into your inner wisdom and match your passion with purpose.