What Do You See as Barriers to Success? Why?

      Even when we are successful by a variety of standards, our mindset can continue to focus on barriers in our career, relationships, or life.   Some version of these questions might also pop into our head...   When will I be seen and noticed for my true value and talents? How will this get me closer to what I see as “making it?” What is wrong with me that I find it so hard to keep good friendships or relationships?   And so on… … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: 5 Ways to be in the Flow During a Creative Transition

  A creative transition can feel really tricky to navigate. You are straddling two worlds that don’t feel solid or clear and looking for ways to expand the core of who you are without totally losing yourself - all at the same time. The instruction manual is being written as you walk through the experience, and takes a lot of faith in yourself to keep moving forward through the foggy bits.   The ease of a creative transition does not reflect whether or not it's worth pursuing, b … [Read more...]

Time to Dispel your Own Creative Myths

Creative myths are a powerful force that gains momentum the more you repeat them. There are collective old-school myths like right-brained people are more creative or that creativity is purely an artistic expression. But what about the myths you’ve come to know very personally...because you made them up?   In many ways the creative myths you craft have served you, offering reasonable excuses that soothed the ego when you weren’t ready to move forward in a clear way, or when your fear s … [Read more...]

Ask, Feel and Experiment your Way Through a Creative 2015

  Happy Creative New Year! Time to reset your mind, heart and soul - to pick a new direction that ties in the lessons of 2014 and sparks your heart to dig into new opportunities and supportive soul connections. Easy to say or set as a goal, right? Definitely not always easy to do.   So how do you start to open up to some fresh insights that feel natural and in alignment with the vibe of the year ahead? By setting goals? Cleaning out some closets or drawers? Making kick-ass … [Read more...]