Creative Zen: Releasing Attachment to How your Creativity Pays Off

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Creative zen can encompass many things. A sense of peace and calm as you create from the heart. Blending the powers of body and mind in the present moment to create with your whole sense of self. Tuning in and staying aware of your own thoughts to really “be” in the flow. All of these things (and so many more) enable you to tap into the essence of what you feel drawn to create and the ways you want to express yourself.


Yet, this maybe a bit trickier to manage when making a living from your creative work. It’s challenging, especially for creative-oriented entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, to pull from the deepest parts of themselves, share that insight in the world, and not think about how it will pay off.


The true task ahead becomes how to be present in process of creating and stay in the creative zen zone while managing thoughts like:


How will I take what I create and…


  • Find the right people who want what I sell or resonate with my message
  • Help my customers or find my tribe
  • Make a living
  • Balance my creative integrity with client work
  • Be happy


With the rise of the creative freelancer during the last few years, the landscape for creatives striving for a different way to work and share their talents is becoming more mainstream. This is amazing and long overdue. However, it also puts more emphasis on results and making creativity pay off.


Now, it’s more important than ever to NOT be attached to what you create. Here’s why. It’s not really about what you create at all. It’s about how you FEEL when you are creating, in other words, how you tap into creative zen for yourself and share your true self in your work.


Simple is Powerful: A Practice of Inner Listening Reveals the “Feels”


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Building a mindful practice around watching these “attachment thoughts” float right by instead of fighting the fact you are going to think them provides a very powerful starting point. It also gives you access to all the clues you need to do some good old fashioned self-exploration and move into a more powerful state of understanding yourself.


If you notice the same fear thoughts, negative self-talk or excuses popping up again and again when you meditate, do yoga, take a walk or go for a run, take note. These are the creative blocks that burn mind energy instead of using it towards actively creating something. No need to hold onto these thoughts, just notice them and write them down in a journal. Then you can look back to see how the pattern is shaping itself over time.


At the same time, if you notice a certain idea or inspiration comes up again and again, write it down. This little seed may be distracting you in the moment, but can turn into a great idea or skill when you can dedicate time to being more present with the creative energy.


Regularly practicing these two simple things can:


  • Show you when and how you lose focus
  • Slowly train you to stay present with creative flow
  • Indicate you where you get yourself stuck
  • Pinpoint how you use negative thoughts to scare yourself or knock yourself down
  • Clarify what’s worth your creative time and energy


Notice When Attachment Turns from a Fleeting Thought into an Action


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A creative zen practice is about dropping illusion and seeing the truth in things, rather than how you like to color them with your own thoughts. A simple practice of noting but not doting on these aspects of your creative work will help you address the “How will I Take What I Create” questions I listed above, and give you a chance to answer them truthfully from a place of intuition and clarity from your mind, body spirit self to embrace creative zen.


If you are interested in reading a bit more on this topic, check out Opening to the Awareness of your Creative Flow in Everyday Life or Is your Creative Voice Ready for a Change?  Want a little more on mindfulness? Check out my Flirting with Enlightenment Podcast that focuses on tips for tapping into your intuition and inner wisdom. To schedule an intuitive reading or coaching sessions with me, use the contact button in the bottom right hand corner and select a time.


Photo credit: Feel: Patrice-phtographiste, Owl: Les Haines