Why it’s Important to Connect the Dots of Passion Along the Creative Path

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Be willing to take the big picture view to see the true power of your passion.


When you throw together all of your life experiences, relationships and passing interests that led to nothing but detours, you are just scraping the surface of what shapes your creative path. Is this mind blowing? Not really, but it’s pretty amazing if you think about how each of aspect has looped towards, away from and over each other to bring you to the present moment.


So, having gotten this far on your winding creative path, can you take the viewpoint of a hawk, high on it’s perch, to see where your passion has guided you?


It’s the most powerful way to truly see how you’ve become, you.

Are you Rolling or Strolling Down the Creative Path?


It’s easy for life to roll over us. There are plenty of little ways it happens, endless opportunities to use it as an excuse to stay comfortable. When you can fly above it all and take a look at the big picture, above all the mind bending details that threw you off track you are able to realign with your inner guidance system — passion.


Will passion send you in a direct line to a blissful outcome? You know the truthful answer. Where does it guide you? To all the places you can stretch into for your most powerful inner growth and expansion. And let’s face it, you wouldn’t follow your passionate feelings if you already knew your choices would lead you straight into a brick wall!


Being connected to the deepest, most passionate parts of yourself helps you to stroll a bit more along the creative path and enjoy the view, to see the joy and new experiences each passionate pit stop has to offer. Life is not a race to end of the track, even though at times it can feel like it. The things you gain from being mindful and aware in the moment shape and expand your passion in new directions, where you can then follow it to new nooks and crannies to see what’s really hiding there. With fear in tow, your passionate path into the unknown is not a means to a certain point. It is the whole point.

Multiple Passions Converging into a Fulfilling Livelihood


To objectively look at all your capabilities and talents and group them into one specific definition of who you are simply no longer makes sense — and never really did. As a world we are expanding exponentially into all the creative ways to make a living and a life. It’s time we redefine the need for a “norm” career or a specific way to express our passions, and spend zero energy trying to fit into anything but our own skin.


For a long time I thought something was wrong with me because I finished college and a master’s degree and never quite found a “job” I loved. College friends and first year work colleagues slid into targeted career paths that seemed to fulfill them and take them in successful directions. I ended up getting into higher paying jobs with each new opportunity, but they became increasingly stressful and never quite gave me a sense it was a good fit, leaving me mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted.


During most of that time I focused a lot on judging myself and why I couldn’t just “get it together” like everyone else. I didn’t understand at the time I was discounting one extremely important piece of information; what if my creative path was to do many things, and what made their path better than mine? 


Through each job and freelance client I’ve learned more about what I love and what I’m OK with leaving behind, what I’m good at and what types of people feel supportive. I’m also constantly reminded that passion is always the sweet spot. Not matter how cool an opportunity sounds, if it’s not in alignment with my passions, I know it’s more of a distraction than a cool, heart-opening detour.

Now I do my best to embrace my creative path with all it’s zigs and zags, knowing the recenter point is always my passion.


Do you find you are drawn to multiple ways to express your passions? How do you feel about having several interests or career paths that merge together?


Photo credit: ashokboghani on Flickr