Creativity Kick-Start: Identify and Release Background Noise

  When creative projects or brainstorming efforts hit a long-term lull, it might be time to consider the impact of a stealth culprit called background noise. This indirect distraction slowly builds up steam to form creative blocks, but has long-term staying power because the source of the “noise” is not always obvious to you.   The tricky part? It can take place inside your mind or in your physical space.   Background noise can take on four distinct forms: Negative sel … [Read more...]

Ways to Keep Creative Faith When your Path Suddenly Changes

  Creative faith is like a superpower that grows stronger with self awareness and trust. The more trust you put into the validity of the impulses effortlessly flowing through you, the more confident and clear you stand in your creative faith.   But what happens when life explodes in unexpected ways ? What do you do when plans derail from the train track you’ve carefully crafted, people unexpectedly leave, or life passions seem impossible due to a sudden change in c … [Read more...]