Ways to Keep Creative Faith When your Path Suddenly Changes

creative faith, intuition, following your inner voice


Creative faith is like a superpower that grows stronger with self awareness and trust. The more trust you put into the validity of the impulses effortlessly flowing through you, the more confident and clear you stand in your creative faith.


But what happens when life explodes in unexpected ways ? What do you do when plans derail from the train track you’ve carefully crafted, people unexpectedly leave, or life passions seem impossible due to a sudden change in circumstances?


The easy answer is – freak out and start to panic, rolling straight into fear and thinking the worst. The harder answer is figuring out what you must do to keep your creative faith strong and clear.


Edgy situations without an immediate solution can make anyone confused, frustrated and overwhelmed while the mind jumps around to make sense of things that simply have no logical thread or explanation.


Here are simple ways to stay focused on the passion in your heart when your creative faith feels stretched to it’s breaking point, and there are no road signs offering a clear direction forward. 


  • Drop self judgment
  • Release the “why me’s”
  • Be willing to question your thoughts and why you are having them
  • Grieve the death of a path – and really feel it so you can fully release it
  • Talk to someone you trust to help move through stuck points with an objective perspective
  • Expand your view to new possibilities, and sense the excitement of them in your mind and heart
  • Reconnect with your inner voice and trust where it’s guiding you, even if the end goal isn’t quite clear


Each step takes place in it’s own time, and acts as a helpful guidepost to help you move away from being stuck towards building up or maintaining creative faith. You many not experience each step, or notice the order of steps is completely different for you, but there’s no “right” way to move through pain or change. Just be willing to let things flow, no attachment to how it looks or feels.




The most nurturing thing you can do when you come upon a challenging corssroads is know your creative faith is still there, under the surface, rooting for you while you regroup to find a new, healthier, better way to express yourself. Paths that suddenly change have a purpose to them, and you don’t always know why until you see the dots connect at a later time.


Remember – trust in yourself rather than the “facts” of what you think might be going on outside of you. Put that extra mind energy into focusing on and connecting with your intuition, or take more active steps to understand creative blocks.


What do you do when you reach an impasse or you feel your creative faith is close to bottoming out?


Need a little support while you move through a creative challenge? I would love to talk with you to see how I can offer support or practical tools to help you reground your creative faith and take your creativity to the next level. Contact me any time to set up a chat.


Photo credit: Molee, sataikasia