How Can You Create More Freedom In Your Life?

  Freedom is a powerful word.   We often strive to create more of it, but don't realize how our routines are keeping us far from it.   Responsibilities can make us feel disconnected from our sense of freedom, shaping a mindset of "someday" instead of finding it in the now.   Then, there's the physical aspects of freedom; how we are connected or disconnected from our body, feel stuck in a relationship, or struggle with a power dynamic within the scope of … [Read more...]

Redirecting the Mind’s Relentless Review of What We Create

  The mind is only one aspect of who we are, but it tends to run the show a lot of the time. Take the power of the mind and combine it with our “inner software” - fears, challenges, old patterns and varying levels of confidence and it runs off, rethinking, reworking and trapping us in a relentless review of what we create.   Sometimes it can seem like the mind just loves to dig back into spots we thought were a clean slate, dragging us into a previous version of ourselves or sh … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Forgiveness and Creative Choices

Creative choices can carry a lot of emotional weight. Some of them are the pivotal, life-changing choices you remember because they highlight the ways you decided to honor your true self or turn away from what you really wanted to create in order to play it safe, avoid confrontation or out of sheer fear of success.   Creative choices are also easy to romanticize; to dig into and exploit the inherent emotional trigger points that allow you to celebrate or judge yourself over and over … [Read more...]