The Importance of Rest, Integration and Patience for Spiritual Growth


This year has brought extremes and changes in all parts of our lives — personal relationships, politics, finance, institutions, health, family and most importantly, our core beliefs about all of it. With all the planetary shifts in addition to our personal ones, it can feel a bit like being railroaded, and you may be unsure how to manage things without feeling like the chaos is taking over.


The truth is, chaos leads to clarity — eventually. But if you are not making time for things to settle in and keep pushing towards achieving a specific mental or emotional state (while ignoring your current one) you are missing a lot.


What you feel looks like a “mess” is really the collection of lessons you need, in addition to the old paradigms and fears that no longer serve you and are ready for release. The essential part often missed is taking time to rest and sit in solitude – not to “get an answer”, but to let one come in naturally. 

Create Room to Flow with your Own Spiritual Routine


There are so many societal norms and pressures that make us feel we need to be in good place all the time or pouring all of our energy into chasing a utopia in the future. They also force us into thinking we need to match others in thought or action in order to be validated. When our focus is on trying to be like others instead of actually connecting with them, it can create a rift in our own spiritual agenda. As a result, you may neglect your own guidance or do things in a way that does not feel natural, which keeps you even more in chaos.


At times of extreme change or upheaval, or to maintain a strong daily connection with your intuition, it helps to:


  • Create a routine you practice daily and find a few specific tools you work with that are simple and feel natural
  • Find time to just reflect, shutting out the distractions and insights of others
  • Read
  • Rest
  • Go out in nature
  • Get physical and move through your thoughts and feelings
  • Write out your chaos or work on a creative project that let’s you look at new ways to explore your mind chatter
  • Get grounded. Eat good, whole, healthy foods
  • Take breaks from technology and distractions as often as possible so you can reorient yourself with your inner state of being
  • Resist the inclination to be constantly busy to fill your time. With every moment of the day accounted for, where is there time to let your own insights and creative ideas flow in?

Open to your Own “Inner Sight” for Spiritual Growth 


In a time of big changes, look at what is coming in before you judge it. Sit with it. Play with the possibilities and let them flow though, but be willing to open up to the information coming in. Talk to others you trust and see if they have any insights you might have missed. Whether or not you ultimately consider their input is your choice. With time and reflection, what rings true for you is what will stay behind. You can release the rest through your personal practice.


Remember, there is no “there”. It’s just an opportunity to learn the inner you and how you work.


So what areas are you experiencing chaos right now? How are you handling it? What do you need to get more grounded and inspired?


Photo by Jack Fussell