Desires, Soul Callings and How Time and Timing Shapes Them

Do you listen to your desires and soul callings? I mean really listen to their texture and nuances?   What do they feel, smell and sound like? Can you see yourself acting on them, or are they simply a fantasy to play with when you are bored?   Do you feel there is a right time for them, and trust you will know when that time is?   The really cool part about desires and soul callings is that they serve as option placeholders. They are a way to express yourself, … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Setting Deadlines and Forcing Creative Progress

  The urge to strive towards creative progress is natural. Chasing a deadline can make you feel alive, like you are doing something worthy by taking control of things so every moment is full of focus and momentum.   On the other hand, sitting still and doing nothing can feel like you are wasting time or maybe even giving up, as if the idea or passion in your heart is a fantasy that needs a reality check.   And what if that might be true?   What if things … [Read more...]

Screw the Clock — Savor the Present

That's right, screw the clock. Shut it off, leave your phone behind, break free from the schedule as much as you can, or are willing. Why? Lives guided by the hands on the clock make us anxious. This barely tangible, man-made tool somehow turns us into lunatics, dictates how we show up and what we create for ourselves. Time makes us panicky at holidays as we step over each other's faces to get the best Christmas gifts, when a gift the next day is just a good. It creates a false urgency … [Read more...]

Moving forward without knowing what is around the corner…

This is more of a journal entry style than a blog post, but I thought I would share it anyway. Reassurance is something we all need and can have, but not something you can expect. Acting without reassurance is not only brave, but essential in order to grow, change and expand into the highest and best version of yourself. When you are in doubt as to weather or not you should be making a change -- just breathe. No immediate action is required; it’s just your ego pushing you to take action. The b … [Read more...]