To Improve Creative Output, Go Inward

  What comes to mind when you hear the phrase improve creative output?   A spark of prolific creative ideas and hours of non-stop writing? A clear vision of the strides you are making on a business or passion project? Good progress on a life goal or building healthy habits? Or something else entirely?   Clearly knowing what creative output means to you and why it’s valuable sets the stage for how you can open up to more, and increase your energy as a creative c … [Read more...]

Inspirational Power of Smell: Part 2 of Ways to Tap into Intuition and Spark Creativity

  The power smell has over us, our intuition and creativity is quite remarkable. It can evoke good and bad memories, feelings of fear or comfort, spark initial gut insights about someone or transport us to another time and place.   What we “smell” can also lead us towards something or away from it, and draw our attention down a new and interesting path of creative exploration.   While we often experience smells, we don’t always stop and think about all of the ways th … [Read more...]

Release, Surrender and Opening Up to Creative Renewal

As we cycle through the seasons, a natural rhythm evolves in the external world related to the earth, as well as in our inner world through creative renewal.   In spring it’s about planting seeds and taking care of them. When summer rolls around, we are surrounded by what’s grown ripe. In fall, harvest is in full swing, as we collect the bounty of what we’ve planted. In winter, the dormant earth reminds us to turn inward in order to release what’s not growing to begin again, guided by … [Read more...]

The Heart Chakra: Emotions, Love and the Heart of a Creative Journey

The heart chakra is our love center, the place where self-love, unconditional love and compassion resonate most strongly. When tuning into our truth and purpose, the heart helps us find a way to express it outwardly, leading us towards connecting with deep creative needs and desires.   The challenge is we often let the head take over and ignore the heart’s call.   Listening to head over heart distracts us from what we need most of all in order for creative expression to t … [Read more...]

The 7 Core Chakras and How They Influence Creative Expression

  Creative expression is such a powerful barometer for quality of life.   When you feel stuck or lack inspiration, for example, it can be a signal that fear is present or an indication that old, outdated patterns are limiting you. When clear and grounded, self expression comes easily and new ideas are free to take root through you.   See - pretty clear window into quality of life.   There are endless possibilities related to how life, relationships, … [Read more...]

Creative Illumination Sparks in the Heart First

  Time away from the computer always clears my perspective and hits a deep, inner reset button, allowing me to crack open new perspectives on creative illumination and settle into a new, refreshed pace.   We all need time to be quiet, tune in and transition into something bigger than our own, well-traveled ways of thinking that can unintentionally trap us into a limiting routine. It’s also easy to turn a blind eye to the walls that slide up around how we justify our ability to … [Read more...]