Transformation and Getting to the Heart of Your True Creative Identity

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Part of change, real deep inner transformation, has ripple effects on how you honor and relate to your true creative identity.


The way you see, hear and interpret things opens up. What you feel and the degree to which it influences you changes, too. Things that were once satisfying may now feel flat or uninspired, and the people around you may feel like they drain instead of empower you.


This process of opening up towards your true creative identity is why people who have done the same thing for years as a career, within their family dynamic or relationships, finally “wake up” to the fact they are unfulfilled and uninspired. Their true creative identity is getting into clearer focus, driving them towards what calls their heart because the illusion of staying the same to fit in can no longer serve as a pacifier.


While there are so many ways you expand and tweak your creative expression over a lifetime, something else needs to take place simultaneously for it to fully evolve.




A letting go of ego traps. Surrendering what you thought you wanted to invite in something bigger and better you can’t quite see with clarity – yet. Plus, faith in your own feelings and intuitive guidance.


This unfoldment allows a creative reshaping of self-expression into a more refined truth that is easier to experience, express and share, because your hangups and fears are smaller than the desire to create the new. In these situations you are driven by creative impulse more than you are hung up by fear of change and/or pain of staying the same.


Your Creative Attitude Fuels Changes in All Areas of Life


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No matter what areas of your life need a little freshening up, your true creative identity fuels those changes.
When you feel empowered and clear, you take action that’s in alignment with what you truly want to create. It’s automatic, gut-inspired and “feels” right.


When you experience the energy of feeling small, dis-empowered or judgy, you are out of alignment with what you want to create, and need to find a new path to get there. For example, is there an opportunity that never materialized? Book sales that were less than desired? A relationship that keeps the pace of “OK”, even after years of trying to connect in a deeper way?


Where there are energetic pulls on your soul, creativity is being muted. Inner transformation is being dulled and at times, squashed, while you distract yourself with material things, other people’s drama or unfulfilling past times.


It’s time to ask yourself what you really need to know in order to spark your true creative identity to come forward.

  • What creative patterns do I notice within myself that serve me? Which ones don’t? These can be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.
  • How honest am I being with myself about what I want to create for my mind, body, spirit and emotional state?
  • Do I hold myself back when it comes to self-expression? Is there a fear that stops me from simply being myself?
  • Are my personal values in alignment with what I want moving forward?
  • Are there relationships in my life that are supportive and consistent? How can I get clearer on the specifics of what I need in relationship, and start offering that energy to those who truly appreciate those efforts and qualities?


Creativity, Healing and a Deeper Understanding of “Self”


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As you dig a little deeper and reveal where you may be unhappy or stuck, remember this – feeling stuck is not a permanent state of being. It’s uncomfortable energy that serves as a signal for you to change your perspective or thinking. Once energy shifts away from “tunnel vision”, and open minded thinking returns, you see new opportunities that fit a broader, more dynamic, honest and clear creative identity.


To get closer to your true creative identity also requires active letting go. Release grudges against yourself, others, past experiences or life circumstances, as you begin to imagine yourself having a more positive outcome fueled by the desires in the heart. It’s in these creative off-shoots and explorations that you further connect with a more expanded aspect of your creative identity and soul yearnings.


One clear way to stay focused on connecting with your true creative identity is to honor what you want – not what you think you should be doing. It’s time to fully let any hang-ups go. Step into the creative identity growing within, evolving, expanding and influencing the world around you in bigger and more powerful ways.


A beautiful byproduct of transformation is the healing that takes place throughout the process. Between now and the end of the year, bring things to closure in the fullest way possible to make room for what’s next. The future may not be what you expect or unfold in a linear way, but staying present as you actively release the old will help you to find a new way to blend all of your passions into a stronger, more honest and true creative identity.


Want to read more on a similar topic? Check out my post on The Ego Creative Identity and Tuning into a Healthy Balance. If you are feeling a little stuck and would like support on how to connect with your creativity in a deeper way, connect with me for creativity coaching. Prefer to listen to some insights? Check out my podcast, Flirting With Enlightenment.