10 Simple Ways to Create an Emotional Release Plan

All of us need time to power down, disconnect from the world and find a way back to the space within. It’s not always easy with all the demands on our time and body, especially when so many people want more and more from us.   There is only so much the mind, body and spirit can take operating at that level. Pockets of energy build up, old emotional patterns and ways of thinking clog our perceptions and suddenly we feel run down, maxed out and anxious, not to mention exhausted. We may e … [Read more...]

Body Wisdom and My Story

In my last blog post, I talked about how important it is to listen to your body, and the necessity of being aware of the insight it’s providing you minute by minute about countless things. For example, that afternoon headache could be from staring at the computer or the fact you need glasses, or your body could also be letting you know there may be some things you’re unwilling to see. That’s what happened to me. And I wasn’t listening to my body’s infinite wisdom. The Back Drop I had started … [Read more...]

Being Healthy Takes More Than Good Food and Sit-ups

Healing is about the journey, like anything else in life. It takes more than vitamins, exercise and eight glasses of water a day to get you there. If you take the drugs, therapies, doctors, alternative health practitioners, healthy eating habits and everything else in between out of the equation, you still have a vast majority of folks who are so out of touch with their own body, they have no idea what it’s trying to tell them. Ever. Your body is the best instrument you have for relieving s … [Read more...]