Why It’s Time To Stretch Those Creative Sore Spots

  It’s not always easy to stretch creative sore spots for one very simple, but silly, reason.   Complacency. Often self-imposed.   We get stuck in a routine. There are expectations, excuses, and distractions of all kinds. Other people blindside us with their demands and drama, and we are all too happy to let them because we don’t realize how stuck we feel.   After a while, we think of our creativity as something that’s a shadow in the background of our liv … [Read more...]

Creativity and Little White Lies: Which Ones Are You Telling Yourself?

  It’s easy to take your natural creativity and skills for granted. As something that flows for you, there’s little risk and limited effort required to keep it going, and even less of a reason to put extra energy into it.   However, when natural aptitudes keep you in a plateau, operating at a status quo level, you are also protecting yourself from risk or judgment.   This is the spot where most people stay, kind of owning their creativity but not really willing to wo … [Read more...]

Tips for Tapping into your Inner Creative Advisor

In the thick of a challenge it’s easy to forget you have the best, most informed ally in your own back pocket - your inner creative advisor. Not only does this advisor know you better than anyone else, but understands the deepest, rawest, real-est parts of you and the tricks you use to avoid feeling certain things. So while objective insight from others you trust is absolutely enlightening, do you still struggle with trusting your own insight, first?   By my definition, the term inner … [Read more...]