The Connection Between Clarity and Happiness

At the source of every challenge lies one simple question…how do you feel? Not what do you THINK, but how does a current situation/person/thing make you feel?

It might seem like an over simplification, but let’s take a second to break it down.

Feeling the Truth

When you are unsure about how you feel, there is a sense of disconnectedness that makes you uneasy, frustrated and confused. This disconnectedness, even at a very minor level, can skew your perception of things, making you doubt yourself or even worse, over think everything.

However, when you are really clear on how you feel about something, then you are in touch with the truth of the matter — without getting caught up in the drama of the mind. Next steps become clearer. You are more confident about the next move, instead of carrying around a scrambled mix of thoughts and emotions that are nebulous and hard to decipher. In fact, you may quickly discover there may be nothing to do at all — other than changing your perception.

This is what happens to many people; the mixing of thoughts and emotions without a sense of which is which. It’s happens most often when a new problem or challenge comes up, and the old ways of dealing with it no longer work. Unsure of how to move through it, it’s easy to become emotionally stuck or feel blocked and feel like you are trying to balance in quicksand.

Opening up the Possibilities of Clarity

So you know you’re blocked…what do you do? Consider setting aside regular time for meditation, as well as explore a variety of energy healing modalities (i.e. Reiki, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, aromatherapy and many more!), to find one that resonates. In fact, try a few. These non-invasive techniques help to open up your mind and release outdated patterns of thinking to help you get a clear sense of how you truly feel in the present day.

Another option is good old fashioned self exploration. Here are a few questions to get you started…

  • Is this what I really want? If not, what is?
  • Am I happy now? (not will I be in the future)
  • Is there anything in my power to change or do differently that could possibly impact how I feel right now?

These questions may be simple, but it doesn’t mean they will be easy to answer. However, they all lead you to the same key thing…tapping into how you truly feel.

If you are too afraid to dig in deep and ask the questions you fear the answers to, then you can’t grow, and you have nothing to work with. Your uneasiness prevails, and anger and resentment builds up. Over time, this can lead to physical complications and dis-ease caused by emotional blocks that are compounding. Most importantly, you will continue to feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

Clarity is empowering. It doesn’t necessarily stop the pain you may be feeling, but helps you find ways to embrace and finally move past it. When your perspective shifts to see the same challenge in a new way, you begin to move towards a state of empowerment, and life begins to show you some really amazing, happiness-inducing possibilities.

Photo credit: Robot Monster on Flickr