Break the Code and Leave Behind Limiting Emotional Patterns

Break the code and leave behind limiting emotional patterns.

Break the code and leave behind limiting emotional patterns.

Feeling blocked or challenged comes along with the blueprint of being a human being. Getting stuck and spinning your wheels there, well, that’s by choice (even if it’s hard to admit sometimes). So to wiggle free and break the code to leave behind limiting emotional patterns, you have a choice; evolve or stay small. Easy to say, takes some new tools and perspective to actually do.

No matter what kind of upbringing you’ve had, there are emotional patterns you’ve created from a very young age that have helped, protected or inspired you in some way. These same patterns don’t always serve you well once you’re able to put on your big girl or boy pants. And while adult footy pajamas are comfy around the house, you don’t want them to still be your default emotional state when you are making big life choices about career, partners or the course of your life.

Power of Emotional Resonance

If you’ve created emotional resonance with the idea that you are always supported and cared for, you will often feel more willing to put yourself out there with faith that things will work out. In contrast, if you’ve had little to no solid emotional support or encouragement throughout your life, you might be out in the world over working and doing everything possible because you aren’t able to trust that things can work, unless you diligently lay down every piece of the train track yourself.

Am I saying working hard is a bad idea? Hell no. I’m saying look at the reasons WHY you work so hard and why it may be your default emotional/protective setting.

Another example is the emotional resonance or recoiling you experience with certain personalities or situations. If someone you know instantly irritates you by always talking about themselves and appears self-absorbed, it might really be more about the fact that you don’t feel comfortable sharing about yourself, or that you were taught that talking about yourself is a braggy negative trait.

It’s simply being willing to look at your personal triggers that can go a long way in breaking the code to leaving behind limiting emotional patterns that no longer serve the present you. They are your biggest teachers because they offer a mirror to look at what’s out of balance within yourself and what needs to be released or healed.

Look at the Whole Picture, Not Just the Pretty Parts

To be clear, looking at emotional patterns is not about fixing them. It’s about seeing where they are a disservice to what you want, and how they may be limiting your big picture view. A holistic approach doesn’t make an idea or thought good or bad. It simply encourages you to see what’s out of balance so you can decide what actions to take to bring diverse aspects of your life more in synch.

Hay House author Jean Harner  talks about this very principle, which is also at the core of Chinese medicine. A challenge within you  is always balanced by a strength, and without the challenge, you would not be able to see the strength or experience it’s full power. To fully be in health, you must find a way to create balance between the two.

Harner also mentioned a study about emotions that showed the body takes about 90 seconds to process an emotion. After that, we make an active choice to jump back into feeling it.

If you feel like you are clueless on where to start to break limited emotional patterns, here are some simple ways shift where the light is shining. It is most helpful to relax with some big deep breaths, meditate or try a walking meditation when opening up to these points.

  • Ask yourself why you are doing something or reacting a certain way to someone or something. Do not focus on WHY is this happening to you.

  • Be mindful of the thoughts showing up in the background when you do certain things or are around particular types of people

  • Is there something that makes you happy that you never make time to do?

  • Is there someone you always cater to, even though they drain you mentally and physically?

  • Are you willing to change how you think, and creating a practice of mindfulness that comes with watching your thoughts?

  • Do you ever talk to someone else to help you get out of your own head and emotional bias to see new possibilities or possible patterns?

To break the code and leave behind limiting emotional patterns, it takes two key things; desire and a willingness to be open to changing your default emotional settings. No empty efforts or broken promises, but a consistent willingness to dig in deep and see what’s gunking things up to set limiting emotional patterns free. And the more you can wrangle in your mind and the subtle limiting seeds it plants over and over that continue the cycle of old emotional patterns, you open up space to create new, healthier emotional patterns moving forward.

And the best news is, you can start right now.

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