The Power in Connecting to your Radiance

Connecting to your Radiance

There are so many ways to easily get distracted from your own awesomeness and inner power.

Frustration, hurt, pain, disappointment, loneliness, lack of love and endless other emotions, mixed up with the mundane daily tasks of life, all eat away at the edges of our soul. It’s so easy to let these experiences unknowingly chip away at our inner glow, dwindling it to barely a spark.

The truth is, these are just experiences — not definitions of who you are. Crap happens. Life seems unfair, cruel and down right vicious at times, but this is when you must tap into the radiance within, calling forth your inner joy and beauty that cannot be destroyed or taken down by such external things.

Your view and perspective of the world is more than a way to travel through your life. It’s a means to explore, challenge yourself and move towards transformation, to burn away the old ideas and non-sense that keeps you trapped like a rat in a cage.

When you burn through those doubts, limitations and pot holes to dig deep into your inner and gifts and strengths is when you’re truly at your most radiant. And just imagine what this world would be like if more people valued their inner glow, honoring themselves enough to pursue their biggest dreams and passions despite all their fears.

I do not claim this path is easy. You will feel as if you live many lifetimes in one, burning through the old emotions, thoughts, friends, beliefs and ideas in a space that is unclear, undefined and kind of scary, to make way for the new saplings and buds. And the cycle will continue, growing and expanding with each evolution. Repeatedly.

What you get from this path of consistent pursuit of authenticity is a new base of wholeness that grows with you, over and over. It generates a sense of connectedness, clarity and radiance that is so immense and beautiful, there is simply no room for anything else to fit.

The best part is that radiance is catchy. You inspire others just by being connected to the true you within. So what are you waiting for? Spread the radiant love!

Photo by Jad_23 on Flickr