Creativity Kick-Start: Ask for Help When Creative Frustration Strikes

Creative frustration is not a four letter word, even if it feels like it. The “stuckness” simply offers you an opportunity to see the truth behind a challenge by finding a fresh perspective.   New insight can come through hard work, connections, luck, faith, meditation or simply walking away and taking a breather. However, when your go-to inspiration tools fall flat, along with your belief in yourself, it's easy to toss-up your hands in frustration and walk away from what you’ve started … [Read more...]

Cutting Creative Baggage Loose

  Do you know your own creative baggage? Where it lives, hides or how it feeds itself? How about when it likes to make an appearance? This slippery little minx can make herself pretty scarce, and then suddenly reappear, sending you into a bit of a tizzy with no clear cause and a mess to clean up. So if this sounds familiar and you really want to shift away from drama, the most important question to ask yourself is this... Are you really ready and willing to shake your creative … [Read more...]