Owning and Understanding the Essence of Our Inner Work

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  The phrase inner work is a common one. It means something different to each person, but at its core, inner work relates to our skill level and willingness to practice self-care, creative self-expression of our truth, and personal self-growth.   As we move through life, discover our values, have experiences (good and bad), and shift our lifestyle to reflect what truly matters to our heart, we grow. Change. Discover what to let go or create. Bring to light what truly nourishes … [Read more...]

The Power In Taking Little Steps Forward

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  There’s always power in taking little steps forward.   Little steps allow you to feel into something slowly, build clarity bit by bit, and ignite sparks of courage that prompt you to leap outside of your comfort zone.   Small, consistent efforts also create forward movement, guiding energy towards growth and awareness by how things feel in the heart, instead of how the mind thinks they should be or flow.   As you tune into more heart-centered choices d … [Read more...]

Listen to your Creative Calling, Even if it Feels Like you are Standing Alone

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  The brave choice to follow your unique creative calling and step into your true self doesn’t always feel natural. It can seem like you are standing at the edge of a cliff, waiting to see if you can spot someone, anyone, who can possibly relate to where you’ve been and where you want to go.   At the same time, each person grows in nonlinear ways, taking leaps backward, forwards and sideways to follow a path that speaks to their truths, wounds to heal and lessons. As a sin … [Read more...]

Walking Tall After Creative Disappointment

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  Creative wins always a desire for celebration, happy dance or a fist pump - maybe even all three, but how do you honor creative disappointment? What steps do you use to process emotions around missing the mark of personal expectation, or to face the possibility that an idea is not as sparkly as you had hoped?   Strange as it may feel, it’s OK to celebrate your losses in a way that feels fitting, too. Instead of jumping right into a process of over-analyzing and “shoulding” al … [Read more...]