The Power In Taking Little Steps Forward

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There’s always power in taking little steps forward.


Little steps allow you to feel into something slowly, build clarity bit by bit, and ignite sparks of courage that prompt you to leap outside of your comfort zone.


Small, consistent efforts also create forward movement, guiding energy towards growth and awareness by how things feel in the heart, instead of how the mind thinks they should be or flow.


As you tune into more heart-centered choices driven by creative curiosity and passion, you build a clearer path towards what’s next. What no longer works or resonates meets a natural end, falling away on it’s own without too much thought or effort. If you are willing to let emotions rise up and flow through you to create a release, the heart space becomes even more free and open, while key lessons learned remain in tact.


Then, with more little steps forward, you invite in fresh, inspired thoughts and ideas to create slivers of something unique on a brand new canvas, grounding it with intention and imagination.


And despite the fact that acting out grand gestures, and promoting them online, can seem like the common way to make a “big” splash, the power of taking little steps forward is actually much more important. It’s how we each come together using our individual gifts to collaborate and create the kind of life we want – from work and passion projects, to flexibility, family, and everything in between.


At times when you feel there’s no point to sharing your “small” voice or doing your own “little” inspired thing every day, take out time to believe in and feed the outcome you see in the heart and mind. Meditate on it. Draw, sketch or vision board it. Write it out. 


Also embrace the beauty of not knowing every detail before it happens. Practice following true inspiration because it’s what brings you joy and connects you to the truth of who you are, deep down. Every. Single. Day.


The core work of the creative soul is to follow small inspirations and take little detours to experience what feels good and heart-centered. It’s how you learn to build trust and joy in daily actions as part of the goal, not just a means to meeting and surpassing the goal.


So be comfortable with not knowing the outcome and trusting, with your whole being, that what you are creating, a little at a time, is exactly what you need to be doing right now.


When a lot of voices and hearts fashion their own authentic path in these “little” ways, it creates a big, open, welcoming, honest space for us to find each other and create something even more amazing, side by side.


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