Identify Go-To Soul Comforts and Call on Them to Create with Greater Love and Intention

  Soul comforts are one of the most potent acts of self-love and creativity. Not only do these little acts of care revive, inspire and transform you from the inside out, their influence enables you to create anything with greater love and intention.   Our personal go-to soul comforts are often the first thing that gets neglected in favor of “doing” to make an impact in the external, physical world. And as we get older and leave behind our natural childhood soothing techniques, … [Read more...]

Get Down to Basics to Ignite More Meaningful Creative Insights

  As the energy of the new year rolls into our hearts, minds and consciousness, there’s a strong desire to change something, anything, in order to ignite new creative insights. Yet, the date on the calendar does not magically make the experiences and emotions of last year disappear, or enable change to spring into motion.   The push and pull between these two distinctly different types of energies is actually happening all the time, despite what the calendar says. The imprint o … [Read more...]

Ditch Energetic Scatter and Root Down with One Creative Step Forward

  When you have a big dream it’s not always easy to buckle down and focus on a single aspect of it, one creative step at a time. The rush of emotions and excitement you feel when connecting with your vision can feel intoxicating and delicious, like it alone can feed you for months to come.   The haze of excitement is a great kick-off fuel that motivates you to go all in, but what about the little actions that make a creative project a reality? What about the grounding steps y … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Review Old Ideas to Spark New Inspiration

  Inspiration is a beautiful, mysterious gift. It’s an unpredictable, illuminating and altogether tingly experience that sneaks up on you in interesting ways. While inspiration catches your eye and motivates your heart in the moment, what happens to that insight beyond the moment?   Some ideas catch on fire right away and have a mind of their own.   Other ideas stall, become frustrating or soon feel sticky or clunky, along with your creative drive.   It’s … [Read more...]