Release, Surrender and Opening Up to Creative Renewal

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As we cycle through the seasons, a natural rhythm evolves in the external world related to the earth, as well as in our inner world through creative renewal.


In spring it’s about planting seeds and taking care of them. When summer rolls around, we are surrounded by what’s grown ripe. In fall, harvest is in full swing, as we collect the bounty of what we’ve planted. In winter, the dormant earth reminds us to turn inward in order to release what’s not growing to begin again, guided by the heart, to trust in what’s not yet visible.


These things merge and flow together as the seasons we define mentally, but how often has there been a snowstorm on the first day of spring? Or a hot day in the middle of winter?


The linear guideposts we create are simply guidelines, not absolutes. So why do we all get so hung up on timelines when it come to our inner transformation? It has a unique pace and rhythm guided but not ruled by nature, and heavily influenced by how willing we are to become friends with the release and surrender process within ourselves.


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As the pace of life quickens and we grow accustomed to 24-hour access, unspecified time frames become increasingly uncomfortable. We push too hard. Distract ourselves with memories. Continually reach for the next shiny object. More importantly, we feel like creative renewal needs to happen in the way we envision in order to be meaningful, often projecting a sense of failure on ourselves when we still feel uncomfortable, unfulfilled or blindsided by life.


When the mind and heart is cluttered with all this “stuff”, there’s simply no room for creativity to peek through, or for us to come to a resting place of self-love.


Making Space Starts with Listening to the Language of the Inner Body


During the previous seven weeks, I was guided to do a series on the 7 Chakras and how they impact our creative expression. Not only was it a great refresher for me regarding the subtle nuances of each chakra, but it reminded me just how easy it is to disconnect from the energy system within our very own bodies.


As we breathe, we often do it without thinking, surrendering to the urge to take a breath naturally. Yet, we so easily forget that our inner energy system is also directly tied into our nervous system, constantly running and prompting us in every moment. In order to hear it clearly and honor what it needs, we must provide it with TLC, just like eating more mindfully and getting extra sleep to take care of the physical self.


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Without a simple way to relate to our own energetic system through the chakras or other energy-based modalities, we are working with half a toolbox, unprepared for how to handle the inner body, or ground out excess fear and energy we’ve picked up from other people who are also in growth and transition. When we ignore our inner connection and the insight it’s offering, we foster a disconnect between what we are doing externally and what we are managing at a internal, energetic level, building up lots of friction.


No wonder we struggle for inner space and room to breathe – our minds, hearts and bodies are filled with discordant language that cancels each other out!


As the Flow of Life Changes, So Does the Pace of the Release/Surrender Cycle


Now more than ever, we need to practice inward stillness to tap into our own death, release and rebirth cycle. It can help us see our self-worth and value differently, and open up to a new way of connecting with our sense of self and creative inner guidance. A few reminders to help you to get grounded and recenter your energy, within: 


  • Tune in to yourself.
  • Ask what’s right for you right now, even if it’s completely different from yesterday.
  • Surrender to changing your mind as needed. 
  • Say no, then move on.
  • Get cozy with discomfort, knowing it’s just information.
  • Take what you feel and use it as a source of creative inspiration.
  • Make time to retreat into a safe space and release energy, thoughts, fears, frustrations, etc. every day.
  • Use physical movement to keep energy fresh and release what’s stale.
  • Honor what you think and feel before you ask for advice from others.
  • Love yourself enough to know that a timeline doesn’t define your self-worth.


release, surrender, creative renewal


The creative renewal process is fueled by a willingness to be present with what’s uncomfortable and understanding it does not diminish you or your value in any way. Blending external efforts with an inner release and surrender process clears the decks for creative renewal as an ongoing flow of energy in everyday life.


How do you send what’s “old” the compost pile and find a way to embrace an inner surrender every day? 


For more specific tips on how to build a personal practice, check out my previous post, Honoring and Birth and Death Cycle of Creativity.