Weekly Creativity Kick-start: Release with Peace


In a “doing” culture that constantly focuses on growth and moving forward, it’s easy to overlook the beauty of sweet release and how it can expand your creativity. There’s only so much head and heart space available and when it’s cluttered with old fears, disappointments or other people’s problems, creative inspiration can get crowded out of the picture altogether.

So do you have a release plan, or in other words, a way to bless and finally let go of what has served you but is now free to go?

In the spirit of mercury retrograde over the next few weeks, why not look at what in your life is no longer serving you, and take this second time around over the same ground as a chance to finally release with peace?

You can release an old habit, uneven friendship, an outdated way of thinking or the memory of a past painful experience — anything that keeps you locked into a way of looking at your creative self with the same old assumptions and perspectives. If you aren’t sure exactly what’s in the way, get quiet, meditate, go for a walk, cook, exercise or whatever helps you open up your mind and heart and ask yourself, “What can I release that no longer serves me?” Then watch what pictures, themes, people or words come up.

The next step is to simply agree to find a time to finally release it with peace. Be gentle on yourself and how you feel, and be sure to create some extra time in your day to recenter yourself before jumping right back into a swift pace of the day.

When you are finally ready and willing to let something go, there is a moment of emptiness that can feel quite strange. An idea, outlook or person who’s been with you for a long time always leaves a mark, and it can feel a bit disorienting at first as you try to find a new way to move forward into the free space you’ve created. Just take some deep breaths, express gratitude for whatever you’ve released for offering you a lesson and new perspective, then move forward with a new lightness and space for creative inspiration.

The final and most important step? Trust it’s OK to let go.

Photo credit: GLady