Creativity Kick-Start: Busting Through Creative Doubt

Creative doubt is the great equalizer. Everyone has faced tough choices that require deep clarity and courage, wondered if the path ahead is really the right direction or doubted if the opportunity to share the deep, beautiful creative parts of you in a way that’s meaningful and appreciated will ever materialize.   Maybe you’ve worked towards something all your life only to still doubt if it’s truly right for you, or keep pushing back against the small, faint voice in your heart by fin … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Sharpen your Creative Edge

For a creative edge to stay sharp requires attention. Notice I said attention, not work. The little mindful things you do to stretch your imagination, open your heart and shift how you see yourself connecting in the world are the real sharpening tools, and show you exactly where your creative edge lies. Sharpening it takes mindful action.   To help crack open your defenses and habits to challenge yourself in a meaningful way, rather than max limits through sheer force to expand your … [Read more...]

How Creative Shame Dampens the Spirit and Ways to Shake it Loose

Creative shame is an extremely powerful emotion but one of the least talked about, especially when it comes to how it interferes with our creative spirit. Behind the scenes, the little negative voice in our head remains a private matter, directing us to choice points or talking us out of our awesomeness. Soon it’s easy to see how the world is reflecting back to us various challenges, “proving” the voice is right, but in reality, it’s just unacknowledged shame in the background pushing the right b … [Read more...]