Creativity Kick-Start: Confess a Creative Fear

  There is power in confession, especially when it comes to releasing the grip of creative fear. The little, niggly “fear rushes” you feel when you are close to the truth can be almost paralyzing, and serve as an invitation to distract yourself from the source of the fear with things that are breezy and light.   The rub? Fear avoidance is fun for a bit, but it also keeps you doing the “running man” in the same spot for ages - while your creative self expression growth gets stuc … [Read more...]

Thoughts or Assumptions: What Rules Your Inner Guidance?

To assume is to make an ass out of “u” and “me” -- at least that is what my ninth grade math teacher used to say. And to be clear, math was not my favorite subject (except for geometry). I often went into class with assumptions in tow -- “this is going to be hard and confusing, math is boring, I wonder if I will be called out to look like an idiot in class” -- and they morphed into new assumptions when my initial thoughts did or did not come true. Since the teacher made a habit of walking down th … [Read more...]

How “What- Ifs” Slash Creative Confidence and What to Do

What-ifs are a part of life. We wonder if something is good or bad, light-hearted or embarrassing, a smart move or a set-back...the list can grow as long as the brain has life to power it, whether you direct active attention to it or not. So when it comes to letting your own what-ifs run wild, you have an opportunity to reign in the mind and determine if you are day dreaming to help build creative confidence, or slowly self-sabotaging it. Here’s how certain “what-ifs” burn through creative confi … [Read more...]

Being Emotionally Stingy Blocks Creativity

  Needs, requests, obligations and other people’s drama -- all things that suck up time and inner creative fire. And when the day is done and you have given to everyone and everything else, where are you on the list? Do you even show up? If you’ve been feeling creatively bereft and frustrated, you may not realize how you are being emotionally stingy with yourself and blocking creative inner guidance. Being emotionally stingy is usually something that creeps up as a behavior pat … [Read more...]

Possibilities and Time: Are We Creating our Own Limitations?

Minutes, hours, days, weeks, years -- when the timing hits just right it makes us feel like our lives are on track and in the flow. When timing does not meet expectations, we can start to feel worried, lost and frustrated; the mind taking off in a million directions. Yet, in the big picture, the real importance of time is how we perceive and make use of it. So what's all the fuss for? People naturally create and project a timeline that matches the strength of desire. Using that as a … [Read more...]

Plan B through Z and the Creative Flow

There are times when we truly have our heart set on a plan unfolding just so, down to the sequence of events and every imagined emotional high point in between. It’s scripted in the mind, felt in the body, feared and rejoiced over, perhaps even celebrated before it’s appeared in the physical. This sends the body through a whole course of emotional and physical responses that can help with focusing intention on a desired outcome (depending on what you are thinking and feeling), offering the extra … [Read more...]

Tear Up Inner Permission Slips and Get your Creativity On

Photo by reallyboring I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before in previous posts, but it bears repeating -- creativity is a way of being, not a specific talent. It’s how you show up in the world and connect with others as much as it’s about what you physically create through work or artistic expression. As we move through life we transform how we create; sometimes becoming freer and more comfortable in our own skin (the ultimate goal, at least for me, anyway) or taking experiences of pain, fru … [Read more...]