Creativity Kick-Start: Busting Through Creative Doubt

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Creative doubt is the great equalizer. Everyone has faced tough choices that require deep clarity and courage, wondered if the path ahead is really the right direction or doubted if the opportunity to share the deep, beautiful creative parts of you in a way that’s meaningful and appreciated will ever materialize.


Maybe you’ve worked towards something all your life only to still doubt if it’s truly right for you, or keep pushing back against the small, faint voice in your heart by finding hundreds of ways to rationalize it. Perhaps the path ahead simply looks blank and feels terrifying. These common experiences are relateable because they happen to all of us, especially when you are just about to bust through an old dynamic into a new, more powerful one.


There are only two ways to completely eradicate creative doubt – by time traveling into the future to see what you decided or, find ways to tune in and trust your inner voice above all others. I think you know which is more plausible.


The results you get from over thinking, worrying and wishing your doubt would vanish are less than zero, so why not choose vulnerability instead?


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Creativity and Vulnerability Are Both Sides of the Same Coin


Having all the facts in the world does not enable you to predict to the letter how something will play out, so why would it be any different with your creative expression? Creativity is stepping into the unknown, moving past what’s clear and certain. You already possess the inner tools and ability to be creative. Doubt can only creep in and mess with you when you put too much pressure and expectation on what you create – what it means, what people will think or say, will it make money – and it starts cracking your foundation of confidence and clarity.


To shift the perception of doubt into a sense of clarity requires stepping into the doubt instead of around it. It’s what will truly release you as you begin to feel empowered instead of cornered.


Welcome to the theme of the week…


Making Friends with Creative Doubt to Release It


To create something new from your imagination and heart requires a certain level of vulnerability. Inspiration needs to lead to motivation, towards a convincing reason to try without any guarantees of success. Creative doubt will do it’s best to stop you before you even start, to set up a mindset that convinces you it’s too risky, too ridiculous to turn into something real that matters.


And this is the exact moment you need to find ways to make creative doubt your friend.


When you meet someone new, you want to know more about them before deciding to become their friend. What are their habits and behaviors? What do they like to do? Are there certain patterns connected to when they show up or when they bail? How do you feel when you are around them?


This exact same process can work with your creative doubt. Start to pay attention to when it shows up most. Does it start lurking when you share potential creative ideas with others? Around your family? At work or with friends? Does it show up in the same types of scenarios over and over? How does it feel in your body when it’s hanging around? All these little clues are helpful in understanding when creative doubt shows up for you and the triggers that set it off.


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Vulnerability and Trust Builds the Bridge Between Doubt and Confidence


You can exhaust yourself in endless “what-if” scenarios, but instead of focusing only on the risks, how do you feel when you think about trying something new that puts you in a space of feeling vulnerable? Is it heart-stopping fear or a bubbly, light sensation in your stomach? Are you already thinking of reasons why moving forward is a bad idea, or feel excited and giddy instead?


Any information you notice can go a long way in deciphering between when creative doubt is getting in your way or when you are getting a clear, intuitive hit that something really isn’t a fit for you. It’s also a perfect reason to practice “looking within” more often. Remember, feeling vulnerable shines a big spotlight on what still needs healing and it could be your biggest lead to true freedom in a specific area of your life. It’s easiest to heal when you give yourself space.


Regardless of your opinion on intuition, metaphysical practices or other “woo woo” things, time spent in peace and silence with only your heart and thoughts builds your confidence. You really get to know yourself beyond the mind, to dive into what feels true or where you are allowing fear into the driver’s seat. Peace, quiet and contemplation is not just for monks, it’s for anyone who wants more out of life than what the mind is telling you all day.


The practice of being vulnerable and being willing to become friends with your creative doubt in a deeper way is what will lead you to trust what you feel, and give you a clear sense of when to “hold them or fold them” as the Kenny Rogers song says. It’s also when you start to notice your doubt transform into confidence and clear inner knowing that doubt is slowly becoming your friend instead of your foe. 


What are some things you do to bust through creative doubt or explore the ideas you’ve been afraid to share?


Feel like creative doubt has the better of you right now? Want to expand into what’s hiding on the other side of it? I would love to support you with some insights and clear perspectives. Want a simple way to get started? Grab a complimentary copy of my Mini Guide for Connecting with your Inner Guidance and Creative Fire. 

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