5 Ways to Flip the Script on Limitation and Turn it into Inspiration

  It’s no secret that seeing a limitation in life is sometimes easier than seeing what’s possible. When old mental patterns team up with ego and fear, the power of what you want can seem too far away and impossible to reach.   However, limitations like a health challenge, lost opportunity, broken relationship or difficulty in reaching a certain level of achievement are all common human experiences. The personal stories created as part of the journey to overcome what’s initi … [Read more...]

Falling Down Can Be the Best Creative Learning

  The most potent creative learning comes through when you are challenged in unexpected ways.   The times when what was easy becomes hard, more complicated or seems near impossible, it takes determination to see past the loss of what you’ve come to know; to embrace a way to do life differently and still feel creative. More importantly, it can be hard to feel like you deserve to still pursue your desires.   Sudden shifts in life can also help you easily slide you in … [Read more...]

3 Reasons your Creative Boundaries Need a Refresh, Right Now

The creative boundaries you set for yourself serve two key purposes. One is to help focus your energy and self expression and the other is protection from pain and fear. The trick is that while boundaries keep you safe and clear they also box you into a way of creating that’s limiting, repetitive and drains your creative spark.   When you feel comfortable there’s no real reason to change how you create. However, over time, the boundaries you’ve established for comfort become creative b … [Read more...]