Soul Lessons and Being Present Through Change

  When you get down to it, soul lessons drive our path forward while acting as a reflection of how well we know ourselves.    It doesn’t matter if you are a creative entrepreneur, parent, healer, 9 to 5-er, young or old. Soul lessons inspire what leads to our desires and the inner calling to understand ourselves better. They also keep us moving forward towards change, offering ample opportunities to shed things, people, beliefs, and ways of life along the w … [Read more...]

The Heart Knows, The Mind Follows Its Lead

  There is always a push to choose between the guidance of heart and the mind, as if one is better than the other.   Some of it has to do with the way society has created these aspects as identifiers, the other has to do with the way we see our core tendencies in comparison to ideals or other people.   Whether you identify as a heart-driven person or a mind-oriented person, everyone expresses qualities of both depending on what we feel or fear moment to … [Read more...]

What’s your Eye Candy? Use it to Spark Creative Inspiration

The phrase “eye candy” is more than a silly euphemism, it’s a great way to describe how powerful images can spark creative inspiration. Colors, nature, pretty clothes, cuddly critters or pictures of mouth-watering food you can almost smell through the screen - each apply pressure to your creative nerve in different ways. Whether it’s a nudge or a full-body, zombie-like trance depends on how in tune you are with what inspires you, and if you are spending time in places that feed your creative soul … [Read more...]

Ask, Feel and Experiment your Way Through a Creative 2015

  Happy Creative New Year! Time to reset your mind, heart and soul - to pick a new direction that ties in the lessons of 2014 and sparks your heart to dig into new opportunities and supportive soul connections. Easy to say or set as a goal, right? Definitely not always easy to do.   So how do you start to open up to some fresh insights that feel natural and in alignment with the vibe of the year ahead? By setting goals? Cleaning out some closets or drawers? Making kick-ass … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Be More Spontaneous to Open Creative Flow

  How often do you toss well-crafted plans out the window to try something new or accept an unexpected invitation - letting the spark of spontaneity guide your creative flow guide towards more fun?   The connection you feel in the moment to a potential creative seed or the tug you sense in your gut feels intoxicating and inspiring, but this happens less and less if you consistently keep a practiced life that never changes. When you leave a little space for the “what-if” you are … [Read more...]