Nurturing the Creative Spirit in the Face of Criticism and Self-Judgment

The essence of your creative spirit is eternal. It’s a natural flow that moves through you; an effortless presence that doesn’t require work...until you add in criticism and self-judgment.   These emotional and/or mental blocks take away the power of the creative spirit and all it offers, leaving you with doubt and fear of what’s ahead and all the ways it may change you or your life. It starts as a seed that quickly spreads to your view of everything, leaving you feeling anxious or uns … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Call on your Creative Tether to Weather Doubt

  When life gets crazy complicated and things seem anything but settled, take a few moments to connect with your inner creative tether.   In times of uncertainty and chaos it’s easy to start over-thinking every future move or doubting what you’ve already done. Soon everything seems wrong and you are struggling to remember exactly how you ended up on the path you face ahead. You might also start wandering into  “why me?” territory.   This is a perfect time to shut eve … [Read more...]