Embracing the Sacred Act of Creative Integration

  As a creative being you are always evolving towards a desire for creative integration, even if you aren’t fully aware of it.   You build skills, likes and dislikes, creative desires, experiences (good and bad) and aspirations throughout your life, collecting them like actual objects in your mind and heart. Each separate feeling, experience, memory and skill is part of your personal development, and creates an “energetic hit” for you in some way. The sensation may be posit … [Read more...]

The Active Balance of Striving for and Celebrating Creative Milestones

  How you set and work towards creative milestones can be an interesting little window into how you think and treat yourself. It’s also a way to get some insight on the cause of a recurring creative block in your life.   Are you often making big grand plans that feel right, then focus on how fast they are (or aren’t) happening rather than the creative joy you are experiencing or the lessons you are learning? I’ve been there, done that.   Is it hard for you to be pati … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: 4 Ways to Grow your Creative Wealth

  Creative wealth is such an interesting resource to play with throughout your life. As a kid you have tons of it. Imagination flows with ease and you go where inspiration takes you. There are no limitations and creative energy is always present.   As you grow up, things start to get serious. The creative wealth you generated without even trying starts to feel like work and fear can hold you back from embracing change. You forget you have unique creative gifts and abilities … [Read more...]

Managing Demands on your Creative Time

  It’s no secret that life requires you to manage demands on your creative time. Projects take longer than expected, plans go sideways and people change their minds and hearts- which means you need to expand and contract with the creative flow of the present moment.   While this sounds reasonable from the mind’s point of view, it doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled have an emotional reaction to sudden changes, or the right to get frustrated when people keep demanding more than you … [Read more...]

Walking the Line Between Creating and Producing as an Entrepreneur

  Walking the line between creating and producing as a creative soul can be challenging for entrepreneurs. Turning a creative talent into a rewarding, successful business can be the ultimate dream, as you step into the flow and share a piece of yourself with the world. It also means balancing all the requirements and demands of running a business while continuing to feed your passion.   The critical transition of transforming a creative gift or talent into a business brings yo … [Read more...]

Working Through Creative Growing Pains

  Creative growing pains are part of evolving and expanding your reach past the limitations you place on the inner you. We don’t limit ourselves consciously, but it requires a consciousness to move through the old layers into something bigger and more in alignment with what’s next.   The growing pains start as subtle friction that feels itchy and uncomfortable, making you a bit wiggly within your regular ways of being or thinking. You can also feel more emotionally reactive to … [Read more...]

Creative Mojo: Balancing What is With What’s Next

  When ideas are flowing and your creative mojo feels in alignment it’s quite intoxicating. The energy you feel is contagious, opening your mind and heart to receive as you sit in the beauty of the flow. It’s not just a mind thing, it’s an all over body buzz, like extra cups of coffee or a deep meditation session.   This is what so many of us are shooting for, that perfect place of connection and creative flow - but it’s also a paradox.   How do you balance being in … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: What is your Go To Creative Fuel?

Creative fuel is the juice that keeps creative expression flowing. It’s how you stay motivated, inspired and curious about the world around you. The more easily accessible the creative fuel, the more available you are to embrace the little creative opportunities life sends your way.   So how do you keep your creative fuel tank filled and ready to go? Even more important, do you know when it’s time to rest and back-off so your body and mind can have a little recovery time … [Read more...]

Learning the Tricky Balance of “Doing” and “Being” in your Business

Photo by Peter Nijenhuis As entrepreneurs we are, by default, husslers. We see opportunities, assess them quickly and get crackin’. Our "potentials" folder is bursting at the seams, filled with awesome ideas we just can’t part with yet.  A notoriously curious bunch, we consistently look for new ways to improve, maximize, morph what we are doing into something newer, fresher and better, and tend to feel bad about ourselves or our business when it’s not matching up to what we see in our heads. … [Read more...]

Anger Management Style: How Do You Handle It?

To be blunt, the last few months have tried my patience like never before. Aside from the fact my routines for self-care have been a bit haphazard, I have felt uneasy, distracted and a bit out of balance. It’s not that I haven’t felt these things before, but not with such consistency and intensity. And although these feelings come and go as I discover new ways of thinking and looking at my own actions along my spiritual path, I’ve noticed something else…I’m angry. Other words I would use are p … [Read more...]