Creative Mojo: Balancing What is With What’s Next

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When ideas are flowing and your creative mojo feels in alignment it’s quite intoxicating. The energy you feel is contagious, opening your mind and heart to receive as you sit in the beauty of the flow. It’s not just a mind thing, it’s an all over body buzz, like extra cups of coffee or a deep meditation session.


This is what so many of us are shooting for, that perfect place of connection and creative flow – but it’s also a paradox.


How do you balance being in the moment, drinking it in and being present, with looking forward to what’s next, to new connections, steps and ideas? This is especially challenging for entrepreneurs who have a passion for consistently reaching and improving their business and themselves.


So…does a sweet spot exist?


creative mojo, boundaries, gratitude


A Mindful Practice of Boundaries and Gratitude


The beauty of being human is that you get to decide more than you think. While emotions and fears get the better of everyone at times, it’s the awareness of how to manage your creative mojo urges and tendencies, and understanding what they really mean, that offers you helpful clues to wade through the rough spots towards mindful balance.


How you shape boundaries and express gratitude is a personal process, not a one-size fits all hat. The more in touch you can get with what fits you and your own creative growth the easier it will be to work towards balancing what is with what’s next – AND not get emotionally attached to a specific outcome.


For example, when I start feeling scattered, anxious or unfocused, I know I’m moving into the future instead of appreciating the energy of the moment. Everything seems important and I’m unsure of where to go next. In contrast, when I sit into the moment I feel safe, calm and relaxed, able to open myself to possibilities instead of forcing them. I also don’t worry if I’m making the “right” choices.


I’ve learned the more present I can be with these “clues” about the state of my creative mojo, the easier it is for me to trust the process and be honest about where I am – which is what’s really influencing my decisions in the moment.


creative mojo, possibility, creativity


Creative Possibility is Always Present, But Requires you Being Present to Sense It


Mindfulness isn’t about forcing yourself to being hyper vigilant in every moment in a controlling way, sitting in wait on the defensive. It is about checking in with yourself, feeling into the experience and trusting that the moment is giving you all the information you need.


Keep things simple and get really clear on how to read your own creative mojo. Then the clues to move towards balance are much more obvious and natural, allowing you to move with the flow.


To circle back to the question I posed earlier in the post – Is there a sweet spot between connection and creative flow, between balancing what is with what’s next? In a sense, yes, but it’s a moving sweet spot, not something you can nail to a dart board. Honor your gifts and trust yourself. This is how you learn to flow with an ever-moving target, and closer to the fullest expression of your creative mojo.


Want a little support getting back in touch with your creative mojo? Check out how I work and find out more about how I can offer you specific insight you along your inner journey. Just want some simple take-away tips to re-ignite your creative flow? Take a peek at my Mini Guide for Reconnecting with your Inner Guidance and Creative Fire.


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