Walking the Line Between Creating and Producing as an Entrepreneur

  Walking the line between creating and producing as a creative soul can be challenging for entrepreneurs. Turning a creative talent into a rewarding, successful business can be the ultimate dream, as you step into the flow and share a piece of yourself with the world. It also means balancing all the requirements and demands of running a business while continuing to feed your passion.   The critical transition of transforming a creative gift or talent into a business brings yo … [Read more...]

The Power of Getting Hooked on a Feeling

  When you break any decision down to its simplest form, it’s led by emotion. Whether it’s for something you love or against something you dislike, from a place of nostalgia or fear, or simply because it feels good to reward yourself and feel part of something, choices are driven by current emotional states or the promise of potential ones.   This insight is no revelation, but is often overlooked when small business owners are searching for ways to create a connection that lea … [Read more...]