Change Up Routines, Refresh the Spirit

  It's spring time for me here in the US, which means I'm feeling a pull - a pull to change up my routines and refresh my spirit. I see it as an opportunity to shake off the winter mindset and look at things with the eyes and heart of a beginner as I go inward to reflect on what's next.    At the same time, I use it as a chance to review my habits and see if they are still serving me in positive ways. Habits structure our day and outlook on life, after all, which makes … [Read more...]

Anger Management Style: How Do You Handle It?

To be blunt, the last few months have tried my patience like never before. Aside from the fact my routines for self-care have been a bit haphazard, I have felt uneasy, distracted and a bit out of balance. It’s not that I haven’t felt these things before, but not with such consistency and intensity. And although these feelings come and go as I discover new ways of thinking and looking at my own actions along my spiritual path, I’ve noticed something else…I’m angry. Other words I would use are p … [Read more...]