Natural Momentum is a Free Creative Superpower

  Connecting with our unique natural momentum isn’t always…natural.   When the brain keeps diverting us to expectations, rules, and shoulds, the natural momentum of life and creative expression gets muted. Demands on the self and what we need to “force” can take over, while the heart’s desires become an afterthought, or seen as a frivolous luxury.   I wish I could say I’ve never let my brain take over and tell me how much better everything would be if I just FORCED m … [Read more...]

Working Through Creative Growing Pains

  Creative growing pains are part of evolving and expanding your reach past the limitations you place on the inner you. We don’t limit ourselves consciously, but it requires a consciousness to move through the old layers into something bigger and more in alignment with what’s next.   The growing pains start as subtle friction that feels itchy and uncomfortable, making you a bit wiggly within your regular ways of being or thinking. You can also feel more emotionally reactive to … [Read more...]