Savor the Moment to Enhance Creative Awareness

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Creative awareness isn’t something you do as much as something you experience by being able to savor the moment you are in, right now.


When you go about the day, your senses function on a basic level to help you survive, work, take care of family and fuel the body. If you also spend a lot of time at the computer or doing hands on work, only specific senses are required for focus and work tasks. In these situations, your realm of creative awareness is limited to survival, necessity and routine, unless you run into a challenge that requires you to take a step back and be present in order to solve it.


However, when you want to sit, savor and integrate the information your senses are sharing at a specific moment, you can begin to feel the rich insight and depth of the creative awareness they can share. Right now.


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Today is an invitation to sit for at least five minutes and savor what you sense.


  • Work desk crowded? Is there a way to move a few things around to improve your workflow or comfort level?
  • Notice a scent that draws you in? Can you add some into your home, plant it your garden or find an essential oil that matches it?
  • Can you savor snuggle time with your partner, pets or children in a more present way?
  • Even though you are hungry, can you slowly chew and savor the bites, sensing all the flavor and texture and swallow with appreciation?
  • Is there music you can listen to in the mornings to get you pumped up or in the evenings to help you relax and tune in?
  • Is there a way to savor the breeze on your skin or soft, comfy sheets in your bed?
  • Are you willing to spend a little time every day savoring the insight from all your senses in a more present way?


Whatever mindful things you do to support and honor the physical senses will open up your intuitive and creative senses, too. Think of it as an investment in yourself and creative expansion.


Be willing to build a practice of savoring into your day, week or life. Watch how little things begin to inspire you and spark your creativity. Not only will you feel more alive and present, but your creative awareness will be heightened and expand into new areas so you can flow with each wave as it comes through.


What are some of the ways you savor the moment or creative inspiration? Share them below!


If you want to do a little more reading on creative awareness, check out my previous blog post on Opening Awareness to your Creative Flow in Daily Life. Need insight on how to move through a specific block? Connect with me for a Creative Reflection Reading. Did you know I also have a new podcast on creativity and mindfulness? Listen here.


I also wanted to make a quick announcement for regular readers. In order to put my creative energy into more of my personal projects and grow Creative Katrina, I will only be posting new blog content once a week on Mondays. I will still be very active on social media sharing insights and great stuff, of course, so you can always catch goodies from me between Monday posts.


Thanks for all of you who support me by reading and sharing and for inspiring me, each and every day! I deeply appreciate you! To the creative spark in you…


Photo credit: Susanne Nilsson, cup of coffee