Change Up Routines, Refresh the Spirit

change, routines, spring break, refresh, shift focus, tune in


It’s spring time for me here in the US, which means I’m feeling a pull – a pull to change up my routines and refresh my spirit. I see it as an opportunity to shake off the winter mindset and look at things with the eyes and heart of a beginner as I go inward to reflect on what’s next. 


At the same time, I use it as a chance to review my habits and see if they are still serving me in positive ways. Habits structure our day and outlook on life, after all, which makes practicing the habitual very powerful.


Consistent routines also help us build momentum and stay rooted in the real as we create, build, and expand into the vision we carry in our heart. However, habitual routines can become a bit stale, and sometimes, keep us from reaching towards new, (and scary) points on our creative journey that enable us to go bigger, and deeper.


I often feel this way during the beginning of spring, as I try to tune into what I learned or intuited during the winter months, and blend it with new pathways to create, or fresh perspectives to share and teach. In fact, I make it a special point to change up routines related to meditation and “tuning in” during a seasonal shift. As we evolve, our ways of connecting to our inner voice and intuition can change, too, and we need time to adjust to a new flow of energy and insight both internally and externally. 


The push and pull energy of spring also gets us revved up and ready to go, but the way we usually create or approach problems may not seem supportive or fulfilling. Yet, that desire to “push forward” doesn’t go away, and can get pretty intense without an outlet. 


This is another reason why I like to take a step back and make sure I’m on track with my vision, outside of the push and pull of external distractions and people. Being an empath can be a bit tricky in that way; we need to make sure what we sense is essential for our path of growth and transformation, and not just intuitive white noise from other people or our environment. 


All of this chit chat about why it’s important to change up routines aside, I want to share that I will be taking a break from the blog for a bit. I have creative projects that need my time and energy but, more importantly, I’m taking time to connect with what I’m building next for Creative Katrina, my upcoming classes, and my coaching clients. I am still taking on new coaching clients, but need to redirect my writing efforts to other projects temporarily! 


As always, I want to say how thankful and grateful I am to have people who read, (and are inspired by), my blog. You can always read through these related articles, To Improve Creative Output, Go Inward or Give Wings to What Needs to Be Released or Take Flight, check out the archives, or tune into my podcast, Flirting With Enlightenment, for tips on how to tap into your inner wisdom. 


Cheers and be back soon!