Honoring Creative Opportunities That Almost Were

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Whether we realize it or not, honoring creative opportunities means celebrating what has, or has not, come to pass.


Any creative, artist, or entrepreneur can share a list of creative opportunities that were almost…something. Perhaps they were almost profitable, popular, manageable, effective, successful, noteworthy – notice the trend here? This realization is not new, mind-blowing, or unique. Yet, those same creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs can spend a lot of time focusing on the “almosts” in a way that consistently rehashes “what could have been”, when the past is a done deal. It’s these undercover mental loops that generate a cycle of reactive behaviors and kick-off a variety of emotions, fears, and potential disaster scenarios that build a mental fixation on the past, rather than inspiration for a NEW creation.


We all navigate between these behaviors at various times as part of the creative life cycle. It’s part of how we learn to acknowledge our specific creative soft spots or wounds, and move through them to a better understanding of the self and the tools we need to recenter. It’s from this place we begin to clarify what’s worth our time and energy, and generate stronger boundaries from a place of knowing, rather than a place of fear.


When we have this level of clarity, we can shift the focus from a constant re-telling of an “almost” story, and the emotional reactions that come with it, and move towards empowering statements like – this is what I learned, now understand, this is how I can be more kind to myself at these moments. It seems small, but these little acknowledgements and changes are what helps open up the energetic gates for inspiration to flow through more freely, while still honoring creative opportunities that have come to pass.


Changing the Creative Storyline in Heart, Then Mind


When we take time to connect with how we feel about a “creative darling” that did not quite making the cut, or how a “maybe” turned into a “no”, the internal emotional friction we experience can create a block. It’s not always something we notice right away. We often try to push through or around it just move away from awkward feelings, or engage in various distraction behaviors to mute the discomfort.


From the mind’s perspective, it’s easy to repeat “just let it go” or beat up on yourself for traveling the same mental loops. We all do it to some degree. Yet, it’s repetitive patterns that show us where more self-love and new solutions are needed – not because we are bad or wrong, but because it’s time to release the “almost” and step into the NEXT.


Our ability to open to changing what we practice takes trust as much as it takes a willingness to open up past our well-tread wounds to what’s beyond them. There is no special formula, but there are some simple practices we can adopt to move away from frustration and draining patterns into something healthier and more effective in heart and mind.


Simple Steps Forward to Build an Empowered Perspective


The first element to notice is when old mental loops are taking over and causing an emotional reaction. Just be with the energy without passing judgment on yourself or others. Allow it a place to be seen, heard, and acknowledged. Journaling, meditation, or a walk in nature can help with the process and honor what the heart is feeling.


Next, choose one simple thing that calms you.


Maybe it’s petting your dog or going for a walk. Maybe it’s a series of deep breaths or simply telling yourself it’s all OK, right now, in this moment. Perhaps taking a break to color, look out the window, or listen to relaxing music is a magical solution. These are all options that disrupt where the mind WANTS to go naturally, and introduces a neutral new option.


Using simple tools to pair with deeper self awareness is what helps us slowly shift into building a new, healthier pattern from the inside out. Instead of reinforcing stories that remind us of “almost success”, we can celebrate simple moments of success in the present, and practice rewiring that reactive part of our mind to something more balanced and heart focused.


Lastly, we can perform a regular release ritual to express a little love and acknowledgement for our “almosts.”


Maybe it’s a monthly practice as part of full moon cycles, or quarterly with a business calendar. Or just when you damn well feel like it! Whatever you choose, the consistency of the practice is what’s most powerful in reshaping “wanting things to be different energy”, into a simple craft of acknowledging the value“almosts” have towards personal growth while honoring creative opportunities that showed us a path that was not meant to be.


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