Creative Confusion and Finding your New Center

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Creative confusion makes it easy to get stuck in your head, going in circles. Every option seems like the best choice, or, you think yourself out of every possible way forward so you stay right where you are.


Feeling creative confusion can also make it challenging to trust your intuition and emotions, enticing you to circle back and rely on the “facts” your brain presents to you. Yet, these “facts” are mixed up with ego, familiarity of past patterns and fears.


When the connection with your true creative self seems dependent on finding facts to cling to, rather than exploring a way get centered and feel into what you need, you are knee deep in creative confusion. This cross-roads is nothing to fear. It’s a blessing and an invitation to embrace a new level of self-mastery.


Experiencing creative confusion is a sign that change is on it’s way. Time to take what you think you know and place it aside, to create room for new possibilities that arise through release, exploration and flow, not extra hard thinking.


Small Signs Offer Powerful Creative Insight


creative, creativity, ladybug


Last night when I was putting the dishes into the dishwasher, I spotted a ladybug on the rim of a glass. She was circling and circling, frantic to get somewhere, but out of her element. This left her scrambling and running the rim of the glass again and again at a crazy pace.


The weather is pretty cold in Colorado right now which is why I was surprised to find her. It was was also nighttime, and we hadn’t had the windows open in days, which made her appearance even more curious.


I didn’t feel good about setting her free outdoors without the sun to keep her warm, so I placed her on one of the plants in my living room. This lovely ladybug continued her frantic pace, scuttling leaf to leaf of my African violet. I watched her slowly get reoriented to a new surface; the soft fuzz of the leaves under her little legs. She tested the borders of each leaf, reaching just over the edge as her legs dangled in the air, then she starting again in another direction.


Soon, the ladybug realized she didn’t have to travel in circles any longer. It was time for her to reassess, step out of frantic pace, and find a new creative center to empower her within new physical circumstances.


I have no idea what her purpose was or where she needed to get to. Only she knows. I simply provided a new path to expand her options beyond traveling in the same circle, over and over, void of any new potential outcomes.


Rediscovering the Creative Wisdom Already Within You


creative, creativity, inner wisdom, inner voice


Part of being creative is being willing to stop, take a breath, and honor creative confusion. It’s there for a reason, as an indication that change is near and you are being given an opportunity to do something different, something more creative in your life.


To educate myself about this lovely little ladybug sign, I did a little research. Here’s an interesting description about her bigger meaning.


“Though small in size the ladybug is fearless. As fear cannot exist amongst joy, the ladybug brings a message of promise, for they get us back in touch with the joy of living – we must let go of our fears and go back to our roots, to love. We are also taught to restore our trust and faith in the universe, we have to get over ourselves, our egos, and allow life to take its course going with the flow. The ladybug cautions us not to force things or try to hard to fulfill your wishes. Go with the flow and let things take their natural course. Your wishes will come true when they do – in their own time!” via Shamanic Journey 


I believe the ladybug is a reminder for all of us to take creative confusion in stride, then use it as a tool rather than a judgment against yourself or others.


You can’t bust full-force into change. It takes time, a willingness to honor your unique flow, and a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities by taking ownership of them, This is what allows you to move forward in a new creative way.


When you embrace creative confusion as a tool, you are unable to move through to the other side and connect with a new feeling of centeredness that brings you to the next level of creative self-expression, step-by-step. There’s no right or wrong way to do it – just your way.


What are some ways you embrace or work through creative confusion when it strikes?


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Photo credit: Ladybug – Alias 0591, Woman – Eddi van W.