Tuning into the Energy of your Creative Path Each Day

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The creative path is an alluring distraction, passion-igniter, personal development tool, friend and more, all wrapped into one.


When you need a break from the pace of life your creative path is there, imagination sparked and ready. As a healthy distraction, it serves to replenish and balance your mind, body and spirit as you work hard and give to others. It also acts as an invitation to dream and embrace what’s possible by stepping away from what you’ve come to know as reality for a little while.


If your inner spark feels low or missing, a journey along the creative path can inspire passion and desire in new ways. Routines create stability but can also rob you of the spontaneous pleasure of the creative muse, something we all need to be balanced energetically. The creative path is meant to be a playful blend of progress and passion, helping you find new edges and adventures within your life every day in small ways, not some day.


On the days when you feel uncomfortable in your own skin – wiggly, itchy and sense your inner fire yearning to burst free into something new, the creative path gives you a safe space to explore. Entertaining new thoughts and ideas that stretch you can feel scary and exciting, and your body is just letting you know it’s time to go for it. Can you set aside judgment and embrace the tickles of change?


For times when you feel lonely, misunderstood or a bit lost, returning to your creative path can be like reconnecting with an old, dear, trusted friend. No words need to be spoken, you just walk hand in hand as you join together in the act of creation in order to process and release what you no longer need along the way to a new journey.


All of this raw potential, and more, is within you at every moment along the path you choose each day.


Permissions, Expansion and Being Present 


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Creativity is an opportunity to dive deeper into who you truly are instead of what you think you need to be. It releases you from demands on what it needs to look like or achieve. It erases all the reasons to create other than pure desire to do so. Most importantly, it invites in possibility to see something, or someone, in a new light and shift your own sense of self.


If you are willing to follow the creative path in the moment, it shows you:

  • There’s always another way to travel
  • A more mindful way to take care of yourself
  • The forever friend who’s always by your side
  • The promise of new passions
  • How distractions are all part of the creative journey


While the external world will always be asking of your time, resources, and energy, the creative path will only ask one thing – how will you color your path today?


No matter where the journey takes you, embrace it. It doesn’t have to be better than yesterday, stronger than a month ago or heading in a specific direction to be right. Engage with the playful energy to connect with the distraction, passion, self-growth or friend you need right now, in this moment.


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Photo credit: BK -HG Wells quote