Honoring the Birth and Death Cycle of Creativity

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Each sunrise and sunset is a flow through a creation and destruction cycle.


The circle of creation and destruction is a daily ritual that starts with the sunrise and ends with the sunset. Each day, every single person on the planet has the opportunity to create, nurture and then lay something to rest. During this same 24-hour cycle also lies the opportunity to honor the creation and destruction cycle within yourself.


This circle of renewal and release can sound a bit ominous, but it happens all the time without you putting much thought into it.


Your cells die off and others start anew. The to-do list gets shorter by at least one item, and you add something else. One sock gets a hole in it while the other one marches on. You say hello and goodbye.


When you practice the art of allowing and letting go within each day, you hit a master “reset” button that wipes the slate clean for new possibilities. The “what” you focus on releasing is not as important as getting connected to the groove of the daily cycle itself, and understanding what a powerful ally the 24-hour cycle can be for your creative renewal.

Creativity is Change Born Through Destruction of the Old


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The creation/destruction cycle is an essential part of nurturing your creative process. When you are holding onto personal hurts, perceived failures and default patterns, they separately (or collectively) suck up any extra space for new ideas to take root in your heart space.


That’s when you can start to really feel out of balance, which makes trusting your gut even harder. With layers upon layers jammed between you and your inner truth, it can be really hard to feel where your heart is guiding you next.


Now, some of these insights may seem like common sense. Yet, the practice of letting something meet it’s natural destruction each day can be challenging, especially when you have no idea how to let go with grace as you feel the weight of emotional and mental resistance pushing back.  The resistance you ignore continues to build up into creative blocks that are hard to shake without a healthy outlet and helpful perspective. 

Rituals and Creative Goodbyes


It’s easy to get swept up by the powerful emotion of endings and goodbyes, but without them, there would be no room for innovation, or for the passion and heat of a new creative spark to fire up within you.


You already know how difficult it can be when you’re stuck in a routine or repetitive life cycle, but being willing to put an end to it and begin again can seem so much scarier than just keeping things status quo. It’s a common challenge. However, until you make a choice to leave it (or get forcibly shoved), you continue putting low-level energy into something that’s only draining creative reserves. Soon your creative sense of self begins to feel heavy and damp, like an old tree that upends because it’s roots can no longer support it.


To move through the fear part of letting things go, step into an empowered mindset. Re-frame your thoughts to reflect the reality of what’s happening – that you are simply saying goodbye to what no longer serves you. 


release, creative goodbyes, creation and destruction

Practicing releasing the old every day helps make room for the new.


Here are simple some things you can do at the end of each day to help you practice the art of release: 


  • Write down a list of two or three things or experiences you wish to let go, then tear it up.
  • Express gratitude for challenging situations so you can finally release them and clear the energy from your life.
  • Sit in a short meditation with relaxing music and envision your challenges melting away over a bright fire.
  • Celebrate all the things that went right during the day – the car started, dinner was delicious, extra snuggles with a pet, while the little snafus fade out of focus.
  • Say one nice thing to yourself and sit with how that feels. It may be the only one you allow yourself to hear all day. Focus on how good that feels, then let everything else fade away.


The most important part of a daily release ritual is to set free the things that weigh on you, or make note of what might need a bit more introspection to work through. See this practice as a powerful personal truth time that’s just for your self care and allows you to rejuvenate your creative spirit by making space.  


After a focused release, spend a moment or two on at least one thing you can be grateful during the day, too. Maybe someone at the grocery store let you cut in line when you were in a hurry. Perhaps a friend stepped in at the last minute to help take care of your kids. Whatever you remember, feel gratitude for it in your heart. If that seems difficult, think back to a time when you received something and were very grateful, and focus on that feeling to close your day.

Honoring your Own Creative Death and Creation Cycles


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The ability to invite change in by actively choosing to allow things to fall apart is a very powerful tool. When the two “ends” of the daily circle eventually meet up, it gives you the chance to start again, and that’s the true power that lies in every day. With active, daily connection to our inner creative truth, the inspiration that starts in the heart can then be molded by the mind and skills, and expressed through your creative gifts.


What are some of the ways you choose to honor these cycles in your day or within yourself? Or do you need help sorting out creative next steps? 


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