Are you Pushing a Specific Creative Agenda and Ignoring the Insight of the Moment?

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It’s nice to have plans and a clear creative agenda. It’s even more awesome when plans work out exactly as envisioned, and all the hard work and effort you invest pays off.


Then life happens. It lets you know in no uncertain terms that a key element of the creative process is being in the now – being in the true flow of life and creating in tandem with it. The ability to be flexible and open is a beautiful part of the way we all create because it invites us to explore and grow; to walk into the possibility of something with an open heart and mind. It’s the magical, unidentifiable part of creativity, the part that sparks things you could have never predicted, then helps you bring them into a shape or form.


When you try to step in and force a creative agenda without honoring new insights or information, it’s as if you lack trust in yourself and your creative process. Knowing when to take a pause, listen, and head in a new direction is essential to creating from a place of truth and ultimately feeling fulfilled by what you are expressing in the world.


On the flip side, you could argue that sticking to a plan is what keeps things on track and focused. When you let the world around you influence your vision, you may be compromising progress, achievement and your personal values.


So let me be clear.


When I say it’s powerful to be open and flexible, I’m talking about looking at what you want to create and balancing that with the truth of what is happening in the moment. Maybe events, situations, people or outside influences are making things challenging. Perhaps new information is presented that offers a clearer direction, or actually clouds the path you are already on. A sudden loss, upset or surprise can also toss plans up in the air entirely, turning life into a game of Jenga that just crashed all over the kitchen table.


These are just some reasons why finding ways to check in and stay rooted, present and open are so essential, especially in 2020. Having practices in place that can recenter you including meditation, music, talking with a friend or loved one, spending time in nature, journaling, body work like Reiki or acupuncture, for example, provide a safe space to release and clarify. Again and again.


Being swayed or overwhelmed by information can make anyone feel off balance and victimized. It can also trigger the desire to force structure and push ahead – regardless. However, there is a space and place for honoring a creative agenda, and for taking a beat to tune into what’s in alignment now that you need to pick up all of the Jenga pieces from the floor and rebuild.


Sticking to a creative agenda is powerful, especially when it allows you to honor your principles, values and vision. It’s admirable. Just be mindful not to confuse your personal worth and value with how well you are able to control things and shape a certain and specific outcome. Taking note of how you manage unexpected outcomes and roadblocks, and the emotions that come up with each situation, is a powerful learning experience and a step in the direction of mindful self-love practice, moment to moment.


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