Cracking Open

We all get stuck. Usually you have an inkling about what’s buggin’ you, but distract yourself into thinking you don’t. Other times the "what"just keeps slipping out of your hands like a snake covered in baby oil. It slithers into the background out of sight, but you feel its presence, lurking in the shadows. Thoughts about the “what” keep you on edge because you don’t know when its finally going to peek out, tongue flickering, to make the big reveal. No way to prepare. And even though there is … [Read more...]

Exploring Your Path, One Step At A Time

  Is there a secret to life? I can’t say that I know for sure what will bring you or anyone else endless happiness, but I do know this; its OK to change your mind and its more than OK to be lost at times. That is how we find our true path, by taking chances and detours that teach us, nurture us and put is through the fire. With each foot in front of the other one at a time you are only assured of that one step, and that is the most perfect place to be. Getting Tangled and Hog-Tied … [Read more...]