Creativity Kick-Start: Refine the Edges of your Creative Integrity

  Creative integrity is a unique blend of what you believe and how you feel when you express that creative truth. It’s both fixed and fluid at the same time, shaped by how you “practice” being yourself.   As you build a flowing dynamic between your beliefs and self-expression, you get a clearer sense of what’s natural for you; an inner rhythm that simply allows you to “be” without actively thinking about it.   Now let’s toss in life’s biggest plot twist - dun dun dun … [Read more...]

Is it Time to Put Some of your Creative Skills on Hiatus?

Your natural creative skills, as well as the ones you develop over time, are each valuable in a different way. Some creative skills offer a means of deep self-reflection and appreciation or a sense of purpose; a way to contribute and share your true self on a bigger scale. Other skills simply provide a way for you to earn a living or explore where a capability can transform into a new opportunity.   In the big picture each skill plays a part, but do you need to use all of your … [Read more...]

Assessing or Obsessing: Shifting How you Value your Creative Energy

  The end of the year often inspires a call for inner reflection, a desire to review what you’ve accomplished or reassess if your creative energy is being used in inspiring, productive ways. It’s also a time of year when it’s easy to be judgmental about what you’ve done or not done, dragging you into a bout of self-imposed doubt.   Is this normal? Yes. Is it something that needs fixing? Not necessarily, but the emotional experience associated with a self-review serves as a grea … [Read more...]

Check It! Habits and Boundaries

People strive for safety. It drives most if not all our choices, even at the most subconscious of levels, and soon turns into habit. This inherent desire to be comfy, safe and protect ourselves is very instinctual and seems relatively harmless, but can easily transition into a block or challenge in various areas of life. In my work as a writer and healer, time after time I see people who have no idea that their habits and personal boundaries may be causing limitations or frustrations in their … [Read more...]